11 December, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 284 Q and A session 89



In regards to #6 to assist in lifting your vibrational frequency, apart from meditation essential oil’s are very important. In particular Rose and Frankincense. Because Rose essential oils are expensive, they are generally sold in a 3% jojoba oil. Essential oils  have a vibrational frequency as do we; and most things in our reality, even rock. It is energy in motion remember, so everything in the universe has a frequency and mathematics also makes up our universe and our reality. 

Google the megahertz of essential oils and you will see many websites complete with little charts showing the oil and it’s frequency. This is something that the ancient metaphysicians knew thousands of years ago. But this knowledge was not for the masses. The masses were and still are seen by these individuals as unclean, profane and uneducated. So knowledge was in the hands of the priest classes and those that were members of cults such as the Cult of Isis. 

Our bodies and brains have their individual vibrational frequency too. Hence the use of the essential oils for lifting our energy higher, which is usually done for communicating with spiritual beings. The ancients used the oils to communicate with “god”. 

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