22 December, 2021



Boy this takes me back to the mid 1970's. A treat at Christmas and New Year, my cousins and I  

were allowed to drink a couple of these each as a treat at  family gatherings over the festive season.

We would have been about 15 years old at the time and felt so grown up. I do miss a cold Scottish Christmas. The vibe was so magical with all my cousins and the family all singing and having fun.

I am not sure if Babycham is still around these days. I recall the deer standing on the shelf in liquor shops

to promote the drink over the festive season. Though I don't remember seeing any glasses with the deer on them. Anyway here is to happy days 😀💖


Neil Oliver: Are there any leaders left worthy of the trust of decent people?

  https://youtu.be/lpty0rhU9q4 Er, no! And we sure are not in it together.