24 December, 2021

Buyers asked to consider adopting rescue pets this Christmas


Normally I am very against people buying pets/fur babies for Christmas. As most are unwanted and selfish humans throw them away. But rescue fur babies I do like, as long as the person that is going to be given the fur baby wants it, and will look after their new baby for years to come.

A life is a life and must be respected and loved, no matter if it is human or otherwise. Animals are sentient beings like us and the do have a soul. Remember that! 

I have had several adopted fur babies, and will do again. I can’t stand to see any animals rejected. I don’t actually like the word animal because it means bad spirit. How can lovely dogs, cats and all the sentient creatures be called such a disrespectful name? That is why I like to use the words fur babies, they are like children to me and I love and respect all creatures; humans I am on the fence about liking them because some are good and some are not, many are dishonest. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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