31 December, 2021

Happy Hogmanay and Happy New Year 2022


Happy Hogmanay to all the Scottish people and Happy New Year to everyone.

We Scottish celebrate NewYears Eve or Hogmanay and usually wait up for “the Bells” at midnight; to wish each other a happy new year. Celebrating with whisky 🥃 and shortbread and a good hearty meal such as a large steak pie which is usually home made and some people like to make Yorkshire pudding to go with it and a serve of vegetables. Usually the meal is eaten mid evening with drinks, and after the meal the real celebration beings with singing and listening to music. Many stay up until the sun comes up, though most people will call it a night by 2.00 am.

Then the next day we call; Ne’ar Day, which is New Year’s day in English. More celebration ensues for those that want to, visiting other relatives and friends. Sometimes it can go all week; often after work people will visit extended family to celebrate with them. That is how I was brought up as I have a very big family in Scotland; and they all held the old traditions.

May I offer my best wishes to everyone for the coming year and hope that your hopes and dreams come true. 

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