20 December, 2021

Storm damage in Canberra


This weekend we have had freaky weather on Saturday and Sunday, uprooted trees, power outages and hailstones with damage done across town. 


This is not far from where I live, there were several trees that came down near my house. Gumtrees are shallow rooted trees; so it is very common to see them uprooted in a storm.

The local government has this fixation of planting these dangerous trees around our suburb, knowing that they can come down in storms, and right through houses. But they just keep replacing them, no thought of the damage they do in a storm. Is it going to take a death before the message gets through to the government that big trees like this don’t belong in a suburban street? These trees aren’t called widow makers for nothing; after all they drop limbs from time to time, but especially in a storm. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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