03 December, 2021

Life keeps kicking my family in the guts

 Well just like I always say, life never gives my family a break. Yesterday my husband was rushed to hospital again; very ill. Life never stops kicking my family in the guts. It is like the universe is constantly trying to break us. I just keep pushing back with a firm NO!

Unfortunately a persons birth  name marks one for life, even though you may change it slightly, the letters in your name that you go by; including your surname also are under the rules of numerology; and certain letters can doom you to a life of suffering, even your door number affects your life in either a positive or negative way. There are also other factors at play of course; but anyway just like I have mentioned in other posts about my "life experiences", every few weeks or months something else comes along to crush my family. So it is just; here we go again, more suffering. The moment we drop our guard slightly something happens without fail. I am sick of living in a hyper vigilant state for over 30 odd years. 

I am just so over it, I live a very simple life, harm no one; but by god I have suffered in this life and just about everything you can imagine has been flung at me and my family bar the kitchen sink. Just when I think ok I have a bit of sunshine in my life , bam! Something comes along to take away any little  bit of joy.

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

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