01 December, 2021

Neil Oliver: Are you hardwired for conspiracy?

 Well said Neil! https://youtu.be/SxkmpY2sQwo

Neil tells it how it is. Straight to the point and a straight talking Scott. People are sick of the condescending attitude from public officials and mainstream media talking heads. We are living the reality of a soft Marxist state in the Western world, and think back to early 2020 when various public officials openly stated on our tv “ this is a new world order”. Why would each individual make that comment? 

Words don’t just convey a verbal message they carry a vibrational frequency (energy). Words in a certain order can be a ritual too and that is a well known fact in esoteric circles especially in Freemasonry which dates it’s roots way back to ancient Egypt and ancient Iraq or Mesopotamia. These guys do not mess around, they mean what they say and every action they carry out. 

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