05 December, 2021

Wes Penre: VIDEO 283: Q&A SESSION #88


Some important information here, please keep an eye on the comments people post. You will need to revisit the page to read updated comments, as I always point out there is often very important information posted in the comments section. 

Also you can either listen to the video or like me download it and read the text format. As for the consummation of the ages, I don’t think even an astrologer can tell us that, because an astrologer often looks very far into the future including centuries from now.  But I guess they get a ball park idea if something very bad is coming. So far not one astrologer has ever commented on this matter. Instead they are pointing to our future in regards to space travel and possible contact with other star races, and that may be in the lifetime of younger people alive today. That sort f stuff does show up in astrology. 

I also feel that just because you are vaccinated you can still die; and go wherever you want to go. I am now vaccinated, because I don’t want to pass this covid on to my husband if I caught it. I know it would kill him. But I have no fear of not being able to exist this world on physical death. I have a very firm intention of what I will do and where I am going after physical death. I have absolutely no fear only sheer will power. I value my spirit more than anything else. 

I will not be controlled by fear! I am spirit first and foremost and put that out to the universe. You ain’t seen stubborn until you mess with a Scottish woman, lol. I have no time for distractions and neither should anyone else intent on leaving the matrix universe. 

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