Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Most Australians comfortable with vaccine passport for domestic travel and venues, poll reveals


I am calling bullshit on that, mate! “ a majority”.  That is the tidily amount in the survey , 1,098 people only, out of millions of people in Australia. This is a load of propaganda rubbish. I also value my life more than the rotten $300 that labor idiots propose, how stupid do they think people are? That is why I would never vote labor, they are an incompetent bunch of losers.

The media are employing the usual propaganda dripper system; to get Joe Public to submit to things that normally they would not have any tolerance for. This is the same tactic employed in communism, keep working away on people until they  break down and submit. Some people never submit, because they have moral values and a spiritual compass though; and if not for them; all the lemmings would jump off the cliff. 

Maybe, just maybe if the state and federal governments planned things better the whole covid situation might be better than it is. Yes, Australia has been much better than other countries but they ended up screwing up in the end, because there was very little proper leadership and firm handling of the crisis.  


Good heavens, a lottery proposal, seriously is this where humanity is heading? 

Exhausted kangaroo is pulled out of a freezing lake by two complete strangers in heartwarming rescue - before offering one man a handshake in return

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