Thursday, 26 August 2021

Tarot Card Of The Month: September 2021, The Devil


                                            Bondage, Materialism, Ignorance, Hopelessness

                                                                  Sign: Capricorn

Card number 25, The Devil. This was hardly a surprise when I pulled this card. The Devil warns us of excess, greed, negative emotions , thoughts and negative behaviour in general.

September may well be a month of anger, violence and upheaval, so don't poke the bear. I see shocking behaviour erupting around the world, due to tensions, suffering and out of control egos.  Watch what you say and do as it may have ramifications that you don't want or expect.

I personally would keep a low profile, rather than be caught up in drama. Aggression towards women is indicated, as an ongoing thing as we can see in the international news; and yes, it will escalate unfortunately. Just remember though; it could be your daughter, your wife, your mother, your grandmother, aunt...get the picture?

Violence begets violence, keep emotions under control. The authorities will not take kindly to aggression and anti-social behaviour, so be warned. Times are changing and now we will see more authoritarian responses. If you play with fire; you will get burned. 

Some people will indulge in excess alcohol in September and this will not go down well, especially in public places and out door activities. Some people just don't like to behave; and think they are above the law...wrong!

China or should I say the CCP will roar this month again; and this time the west will listen nervously. 

China / the CCP are not kidding; they are out to show muscle power; whether with Taiwan, Japan or the world at large. The CCP are stepping up action. The world will hold their breath and have to consider what the next step should be. I feel this will be around the end of September and more likely aimed at Taiwan.

I don't see the west using any military force yet though. More like pulling back with restraint; not until the CCP  strike out violently and outside of their territory. Then it will take the west time to gear up. The world is distracted with numerous things at present remember, so conflict with China is not on the agenda yet.

This won't be any time soon, so please don't stress. 

My advice to people in the southern hemisphere as spring starts is, get out doors and get fresh air when able to. Perhaps enjoy your  gardening and parks for good grounding energy courtesy of mother nature.

For the people in the northern hemisphere, likewise if the weather is still nice enjoy the outdoors in nature before the cold weather arrives, but make sure you prepare for indoor activities and insulating your homes before jack Frost visits. 

Be good to one another, and go gently in life.



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