Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Website revamp and better mobile phone access

 Hi Everyone,

I am just letting everyone know that today I have asked my website hosts to do some needed changes to

my website. They are also providing a better mobile phone access with faster speed to view my website.

I should have done this from the start, but hey; you know....dinosaur, lol. 

I have asked for my biography to be included  and reword my website. You will notice the location only shows Australia when the upgrade is done and that is because I work remotely. 

This job is about energy, so a client does not need to be physically present,  including mediumship. After all psychic phone lines have been around for decades, perhaps 40 odd years or longer. Because this is energy work, the quality of the reading is exactly the same. 

One thing not changed is the link to psychic predictions, they take you into my old blog. It would be too much hassle for the technical staff to re do that. However the link to my new blog is at the bottom of the website; where is says " visit our website"  All new predictions from 2021 will be on the new blog along with the duplicated ones from my old blog, all of which are tagged right down the bottom right hand side of my new blog. 😊

Warm and fuzzy hugs


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