20 June, 2021



Ah, the concentration span......oh look, a squirrel.....oh something bright and shiny, oh never mind!  

Call me old fashioned; but I prefer to read classic literature including E A Poe. Yes they are long and descriptive, but that is as Wes points out; there to help stimulate the mind. The only modern novel that I have read in recent years would have been Harry Potter series, when it originally came out. I also read  history and biographies because I am interested in how people lived in years gone by. 

Meditation is a good way to extend the mind as Wes also comments. Sadly many people today just cannot focus enough and their lives are so busy. I am aware though that some schools do teach meditation, that is all fine and good as long as it is just to aid focus and relax, and nothing metaphysical.

NOTE: If you, like myself would rather read the transcript than listen; click on the link that says download.

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