Sunday, 6 June 2021

Wes Penre: Video 259 Imagination versus the Internet

Imagination is the most powerful tool to help us create. The downfall of man is due to lack of imagination and desire to grow in intelligence and question beliefs. The mind becomes lazy when people lack the will to challenge themselves intellectually; to create and educate themselves with the powers of observation and deduction.

Too much reliance on the internet without being able to think critically can lead to stagnation or to a singular and limited route of thought.  Children need mental stimulation to learn and be creative. They need nature as a means to stimulate their curiosity spending time outdoors discovering the natural world and how it functions. From there curiosity will do it's work on their imaginations.

We need to fire up that curiosity and keep it active in our minds; that is how people become great pioneers in any field; including the arts. To be able to dream is to create.  Reading from the internet is informative and is a useful tool, but it must be kept as just a tool. When we interface with the internet we are putting our conscious thought into a cloud. Where does it go from there? The same cannot be said for books, we read books and absorb the information inwardly. Imagination and perception; both are powerful but used incorrectly can lead to unintended results. 

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