08 May, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 5 April 2024


When a medium is speaking to your loved ones in spirit please be aware of two things. Firstly as soon as your loved ones dies and your are able to communicate with them straight after physical death depending on the deceased person's energy at that time. Bear in mind a person that has been ill may not have the energy to communicate. Then the lack of awareness of that person that has died so they need time to adjust to being a spirit. I had communication from someone that had died in a car crash right after her death as did her father. I have had my mother and other relatives contact me not long after death. Not so with me father though even though he is a psychic person too that used to astral travel. He had dementia so this would take him time to focus.

But once they move on into what most people believe is the spirit world, you are communicating with their essence only. Yes, the essence of the loved one has memories and communicates with you. I have often had people in spirit that are not at rest come to me including a a famous Australian singer who died in the early 80's. There should be a warm energy when spirit is present too. But not all spirits present this way. That will also depend on the medium's energy at the time of contact too because we are sometimes doing other things and not expecting contact. Or if we have not being doing mediumship for a little while, it takes a little bit of effort to tune in to the spirit's frequency. 

How much that person is able to say is dependent on who is assisting them as they come through. I have seen what looked like men in black suits flanking my great grandmother when I was a small child. One does not forget such experiences ever.  I have seen groups of people that were the families of the deceased come to lend their support and energy to the person in spirit (Essenes) speak to me. I don’t personally have the luxury of time to explore the theories as I am busy caring for my family. 

Men tend to have more time to delve deeper into this but when delving into the spiritual realms one must proceed with caution. Not everything is what it seems to be and not all beings are honest either. Some may have an agenda and some may work in groups to mislead humanity. Always err on the side of caution and follow your intuition. When in doubt don't form an opinion it may lead to confusion and misunderstanding. 

I don't care to get into the whole thing myself but I am a seriously cautious person when it comes to trust especially with the non physical worlds. 

05 May, 2024

Scotland’s People: Forenames


Nicknames and diminutives, are always interesting and how they come about. Some people have completely made up ones, that are even taken from a humours moment or random moments. Others are cultural names that may even mean something different in other countries and languages. 

Some can even sound rude and I have come across many when I was a public servant, in fact some staff members were afraid to say them because of what they sounded like in English or the spelling was similar.

I had a misunderstanding on a nickname of mine given to me by my father from years ago, of course I was a teenager then. One Scottish diminutive of my name turns out to be offensive in England. Eck, which is a diminutive of Alexander and Alexandra which itself is shortened to Alex or Alec. Alec is the way to pronounce Alex in Scotland, and is normally spelled with a ‘c’ at the end of the name not an ‘x’.  But Alec or Alex can be shortened again to Eck. However it’s more commonly shortened to Sandy for a man or Alec. 

I remember a boy at high school being nicknamed Eck. Like the character in the Oor Wullie cartoon, wee Eck. The name may have gone out of fashion with younger people these days, I don’t know because I have not kept up with a lot of things from Scotland. But a miscommunication happened recently and I had no idea that Eck was an insult in the north of England. lol, that took me by surprise so I had to google that one. It pays to sometimes check and clarify things occasionally. 

It was assumed that I was being self derogatory, when I wasn’t, wee Eck is not an insult, it is a term of endearment in Scotland, meaning little Alec and I am very small and using it in humour. If you go by the name Eck in Scotland everyone knows that your full name is Alexander or Alexandra. How times change. 😻🤣🤣 

01 May, 2024

Ancient Origins: Rock Art Discoveries in Eastern Sudan Tell a Tale of the Once ‘Green Sahara’


The entire universe goes in cycles, so this is not unusual not to forget the Earth changes its axis over the centuries. It’s common knowledge that some dry arid parts of the planet were once green fertile land including Antartica. 

Lightening the mood on Wednesday


                                                    Ah, Modigliana from The Feral’s  

30 April, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session # 5 April 2024


Good to see Anthon Parks getting a mention here. I was reading his stuff before Wes Came along.

His work is in French (I call him the French Wes Penre even though he was writing this stuff a few years before Wes)  When the soul is mentioned, I can tell you many years ago I was shown a soul of a new baby being inserted into the baby at the time of birth. It was quite an eye-opener to me. As the lady who was having the reading's father in spirit was present and showed me it happening as he watched the baby  coming into this world. The lady had confirmed that her father had passed away a few years prior.

That is the one and only time that I saw such a thing. The beings present were shrouded in a bright whitish-blue light; which is the standard shield that I see with these beings. No visible features are ever shown. If they were indeed benevolent then why do they always use shielding? They clearly are hiding from us, personally I see that as deceptive.

I don't like the term 3UC because it sounds too Scientology, we are primarily spirit, so I say there are three components to us, Spirit, soul and the physical body. We are complex beings with a vast range of emotions and capabilities.  

David Blunkett says devising 99-year prison sentences is his ‘biggest regret’


WOW, Under a Labour government too, brought in in 2003 and abolished in 2012 because it was against human rights yet there are still almost 3k people in English and Welsh prisons indefinitely. This is highly educated people making highly questionable decisions and not thinking through the heavy impact on people's lives. 

I can understand long sentences for dangerous and violent criminals, but petty crime?? Also locking someone up for something that isn't even a crime is wrong. Retrospective cases need to be examined immediately with almost three thousand people affected, how many are an actual risk to the public?

Not just that how many have ASD and other disorders that are not getting the help or even diagnosed?


26 April, 2024

Conscription in Australia, spirit message

Reading some astrological stuff online and I hear February 2029 Australia will bring back conscription. I just hope that I am wrong on this, information. My right ear had  spiritual energy pressure building up and this came through. Very sad and distressing, not the sort of thing that I like to hear. It just shows me that many humans have no other purpose than to be incarnated and then used as cannon fodder in rich mens evil wars. 

24 April, 2024

Purple Poppy Day 2024


Today is Purple Poppy Day in honour of all tha animals that have served in the military. They didn't get the choice to do this service they were brought in to humanities conflicts. But they have done tremendous work and at times highly dangerous work that took their lives. We must give thanks and great honour to these selfless sentient beings.

I bought the Purple Poppy Day badge last year and wear it with my family of a veteran badge. 
Our love and respect for all sentient beings is vital, no matter if they are involved in the military or a casualty of any conflict caused by humans.  

We must continue to support not just those  humans that serve and protect us in conflict, but all the animals too as sentient beings. Yes they do have souls too, I see them in spirit often. Animals just don't have the complexities that humans have emotionally but they are very sensitive, loving , acutely intuitive and know good people from bad people. Animals are always loyal to the very end because of their pure and unconditional love. We must demonstrate our pure and unconditional love to them too.

Lest we forget 



     This is my first ANZAC DAY without my dad, he passed away on 15 December 2023. I bought this rose last year for my dad


                                                                  Lest we forget

20 April, 2024

More of tarot card of the month for May 2024 (part 2)


I had a constant stream of interruptions yesterday when doing my TCOM. https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2024/04/tarot-card-of-month-may-2024-3-of.html

So I wanted to have another look at the TCOM. I did that just now at 12.00pm and it was the Ace of Pentacles that came up, it seems to fit well with what I had written yesterday afternoon. 

Now I have absolutely no intention of doing more that one card for the TCOM every month yesterday and today is an exception. 

Money, Opportunities, Faith and Fate, Drugs, Illusions Deceptions

 A Golden pathway into the future (sitting on the R/H/S of the card) A fertile time to make money is indicated including bitcoin. 
The west is full of drugs and illusion and seems to be under a hypnotic spell of sorts, and people are unable to see reality right in front of them. 
The hand of fate comes through the cloud and it is enormous and overly exaggerated in the card , it is overwhelming in fact. A dazzling show of wealth is displayed though its source of origin is hidden from view by the large cloud. 

As I write this France pops into my head, highlighted in business deals for the month of May. Macron is getting too big for his boots and perhaps someone will tie his boot laces to trip him up. Watch this space for more on Macron in the coming weeks. 
New beginnings and new opportunities for business are indicated for May and there is an urgency in this. We are finally through Mercury retrograde from April, and May is in a phase of playing catchup. May will be a fast month so beware and be warned. 

Everyone is looking for a place in the sun or in the spotlight this month. Is this a wise move though?    
For some yes , but for others, NO. For some it is possible embarrassment, especially celebrities and  those in public life. Please choose your words carefully or you may be very embarrassed publicly. 

The hand of fate can move many ways remember. Also the hand in this card is exaggerated in size as is the pentacle in its grasp. Temptation in May is too enticing for some of us.

May is Taurus and Gemini energy, Taurus is ruled by Venus and they rule the 2nd house of the Zodiac. This covers the first 2 weeks of May. Taurus is an earth and fixed sign and the element of Earth.

The second half of May is the dualistic Air sign of Gemini. Ruled by the planet Mercury. and both rule the 3rd house of the Zodiac.
 So we have stability and versatility working here this month. 

the 2nd house of the Zodiac's key word s here are freedom, earnings, finance and resources. the other house ruled by Venus is the 6th house which covers health, work and service given. both of these are houses of substance. 

The 3rd house covers communication, short trips, the conscious mind, siblings and early education. The 3rd house is a house of relationships. 

So if we add this to the other TCOM for May we can see the communication theme is mentioned again. Mercury being the key here, and it is in forward motion or goes direct from the 26th April. That Taurean energy while it is earthy, fixed it can be stubborn too. 

There is an opportunity for correction if wisdom prevails financially speaking as there is plenty money around. There is stability, but that is down to how sensible those in business and government are. Now that Mercury retrograde is over, there is a rush to make up for lost time. To rush is foolish because mistakes can, or will  be made.

Drugs are highlighted in western countries in May and especially anything affecting the mind. Whether it is medicinal medications or addiction to recreational drugs. 

Now notice the imbalance of the foreground, the archway and the path are off to the L/H/S not centred. It tells me it is future facing and active or dominant energy. The mountains through the archway are obstacles to overcome. The path is bright yellow, just like the yellow brick road in the wizard of Oz. 

Now look at the lilies, is this another deception or illusion? One needs to be wise as to what's on offer here because that larger than life hand coming out of the cloud of mystery could be pure illusion. I personally wouldn't take the risk. I would sit back and watch what unfolds. But the energy of this card is highly tempting. So this is where we must listen to our intuition and not act in haste. This is not, if you snooze you lose. This could be a scam or a trick, so be warned when it comes to making money. it's a straight out scam or con job.

The same applies to geopolitical situations, because someone will be the loser. Think about the second half of May which is ruled by Gemini. A dual Air sign ruled by Mercury, so watch all forms of communication whether it is on a personal level, business or geopolitical. 

Iran will be playing games in May so please stay vigilant. Don't poke the bear and do not take side here, because all is not as it seems o the surface. Politically no government is innocent. Martyrs are being sought out so pay attention to illusions and deceptions  in communication. 

The pentacle in the card has a dual meaning, money and spirit. What happens if the hand suddenly releases the grip on the pentacle? The pentacle comes crashing down. Do you run to catch it or  do you wait to see what happens regardless of your actions? This is a no win situation anyway, so who can say for sure? Because it is illusion or slight of hand in a materialistic form.

Now despite this being and Ace which is generally a good card, the Aces can have a negative meaning. Spiritually speaking, it could be seen as a further fall for humanity in a materialistic world or reality.

 Some of us will choose spirituality above all else. Even though most people do not fully understand what spirituality fully entails. I sure don't otherwise I would not be here. This is not to be confused with the religions of our world or reality. Though spiritual elements are woven into all religions and philosophies. We are spiritual beings with spiritual soul fires; having a physical world experience, and we are challenged to rise above our current state of consciousness in this reality. Which is damned near impossible, like an illusionary game or challenge against humanity collectively. 

Which is something that we must ponder again and again on our journey through life. Slowly and steadily stopping and reflecting at every step of the journey. Wow, this is a truly challenging experience par excellence is it not?  We become more philosophical as we get older, and some of us realise that it is best to sit things out and just observe the world in motion. Tending to our families, those we love and our fur babies. We cannot solve all the problems on earth because that task is unachievable.  But we can  change ourselves and quietly lead by positive example. Thus there is a positive spin to some of us that are willing to take the spiritual route to evolution. Perception is our key. 

What an interesting transformation has just unfolded, the duality in every situation. Clearly demonstrating that the perception of our world is such a tricky illusion. The tarot never ceases to amaze and transform. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs and have a wonderful weekend where every you live

Alex xxx 

Note:  Lilies stand for purity, innocence, joy and spirituality however the negative meaning of lilies can mean death. Lilies are toxic to humans and animals. 

UPDATE: Celebrities embarrassment, not a good look. 



19 April, 2024



We made it to the end of another week of  whatever passes for  the ongoing game of Russian Roulette called life with crazy shit happening in the Middle East right now. We might as well just overdose on laxatives too and be done with it all. 

Let’s have some warm and fuzzy stuff for a change. Artist Alison Friend has some wonderful artwork with dogs and cats to give us a smile. 

Tarot Card of the Month: May 2024, 3 of Pentacles


Season,  Spring   Sign, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn  Element, Earth  Cardinal point,  East 

Key words: Teamwork, Unity, Confidence, Partnerships

Number 3: Action, ResultsCooperation, Results of previous actions, Creative, Trinity 

Reversed meaning of number 3: Inaction, Non working, Uncooperative 

May opens with the 3 of Pentacles, a young man demonstrates his skills and abilities to his patrons. He is extremely skilled, successful and competent. Showing his patrons that their investment in his education has borne fruit. The apprentice is above the mundane things of the world, he is working at an elevated level with his skills, he doesn’t mix with the ordinary people, he is above them and is well aware of the fact. Notice he is also wearing boots which also tells us that he is above the ordinary people. The ground is unclean and he doesn’t get his feet dirty like a peasant who toils in the field. 

This month’s card is about diplomacy, skill, communication and showing one’s skills and abilities to the world. This card is also interesting when we look at it from a position of world events. Ideologies and partnerships are covered by this card. Nations, corporations, organisations in agreement including the UN, Charities and other aid agencies. This is not an easy month for international relations and diplomacy is going to be difficult as the horse has bolted already. Three world leaders are called into action here and they must be very careful not to escalate tension’s which already have begun to spill over. How things pan out right now is an indication of what we are all globally facing from now on. 

The tarot card shows three people inside a church which represents authority and in some cases benevolence. It also represents structure and stability of society, politics and powerful organisations in dialogue. The Pentacles represent money and spirit, here though it’s about money as in spare no expense in money for war, defence and business. 

Time is of the essence right now for planning, which feels like contingency plans. Some of these plans will be very urgent, as in just out of the blue responses to counter threats and attacks. Things will continue to worsen and I feel December will be crucial in escalation because “someone” will not back down. 

Travel will again be interrupted especially air travel, which is pretty much a given at present. More problems with import and export in zones of conflict, again is just part of the ongoing conflicts. This will boost the price of goods as expected. 

We need a cooling off of tensions between Israel and Iran otherwise the whole region will be in chaos. To be honest I don’t see a cooling off because Israel and Iran have no intentions of cooling off. 

Japan may step in to assist in negotiations to defuse tensions in the pacific region. However Japan wants to be seen as a mediator rather than taking a defensive stance due to their past history. Japan does not want to upset anyone and prefers a humanitarian role.

I hear Chicago and the airport (O’Hare)  in particular, something is happening in or around the airport. I see police involved, this could be as in  negotiation. The tarot card also tells me that negotiation is the primary requirement in May, otherwise things may escalate unintentionally. 

Look at the middle of the card, there are two paths right underneath the pentacles, meaning things can go either way depending on the actions taken. This can also allude to two different factions at play. This needs to be taken seriously because if one takes the wrong path we can be in deep trouble so extreme care must be taken. Plans are afoot here for  sudden changes that benefit two countries in particular.

However another nation is directing the way in which things are going. Actually this particular nation is dictating to the other two nations which way things are going. This is how it is and it’s not negotiable. That nation is Israel, telling the US and the UK how it is, which has the potential to go pear shaped. 

Who is factoring in the innocent lives of millions of innocent civilians here? Irrelevant to what country these civilians live in, just because you were born in a particular country doesn’t make you the enemy. No, but you could well be the innocent victim or collateral. Who is there to defend us innocent civilians of the world and all of the innocent animals of the world? 

There is the possibility of regime change in Iran due to this conflict, but not straight away. I feel the US will, install their preferred leader in Iran at some stage. This tarot card serves as a warning to us of the dangers we face, there is no room for error. This is the time for serious dialogue to prevent the situation going into a deep tailspin that we can’t put the breaks on. 

Politically speaking this card lumps us under one roof with three world leaders calling the shots. A call for unity, except one leader sees himself as being above everyone else. How does that work? It doesn’t and never will. Hedonism is failure and ordinary citizens suffer because of big stupid egos in suits. Humanity is poised on the brink of war and two, wrongs never make a right. 

I do feel the UN will be utterly useless and a total waste of time in trying to secure a peaceful solution,  having a vested interests of their own to boot.  May also brings the WHO into focus at the same time pushing its agenda. The WHO will feel they are being pushed to the sidelines due to the current global situation and will start whining because they are being ignored. People are not in the mood for the WHO, so watch out for the WHO pushing their weight around. This is sovereignty or a medical corporate dictatorship, yet I think that enough people and politicians are now starting to waken up to the reality and will give a big No, to this fiasco. 

The UN and other aid agencies will be trying to mobilise in the Middle East in May, however there will be problems due to ongoing trust issue, conflicts and politics. One needs to ask who has the power and authority here? This feels like it will be a testing ground from here on in as to who had the actual authority and power in times of conflict. The rules are changing and are confusing around military conflict and civilian casualties. 

I hear the words “Lucky colours” and red, green and white. I don’t know what this is about, I take it as a political statement rather than ordinary lucky colours. Iran has these colours in its flag as does Palestine with its black, red, white and green. I will leave it at that because I don’t get involved in politics and especially not situations as horrible as this. 

The take away from this reading is, humanity is clearly incapable of learning lessons about war, death and suffering. There are no winners in conflict, we know that. It is better to be humane rather than having blood on one’s hands, but one must use common sense in the self defence of your home and homeland. Teamwork, communication and diplomacy are a big ask when dealing with big egos. 

I want to send my blessings to everyone right now, if we don’t come together as a spiritual species then all that can come of us is war and suffering. Your call humanity! 

Warm and fuzzy hugs 🤗 


UPDATE: I wasn't quite happy with this, so I did another one today 20/4/24 and it was a learning curve for me personally, lol. 


UPDATE: Iran, 20th May 2024. This is still unfolding. 


UPDATE: Iranian air crash no sign of life. This will open a vacuum and things will change again. I don't rule out foul play here. 


UPDATE: O'Hare airport, Chicago. Lol, I didn't expect this.


16 April, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A April 2024


Regarding the so called channeled messages, avoid them because most are not worth the paper they are written on. Speaking from experience and from experience within the spiritual community. The information is generally from within the matrix, for want of a better word. As I sarcastically refer to the beings controlling the matrix, the shit stains of the universe. They are evil and notorious liars that manipulate humanity to do their bidding, which is definitely not in humanity’s best interests. 

Not one of the entities that people channel are benevolent. I have seen the damage these beings do including splitting up families. The chosen person that channels these beings ends up with mental health issues and alone. People foolishly turn over their free will to these beings thinking that they are pure and loving beings, which is the total opposite in reality. They use your own emotions and loving nature and turn it against you. They also need your absolute trust in them, never, ever trust anyone or anything completely or you will live to regret it! As I have said before, I have witnessed the damage done to people because of their gullible nature. Act in haste and repent at leisure, is  the saying. 

13 April, 2024

‘Shocked’: Disbelief as native Aussie animal spotted in the UK


It’s not every day that a Kookaburra wakes up the locals in Scotland, they are lucky it’s not galahs or cockatoos squawking, because they are loud and make a real racket, lol. I often hear a Kookaburra early in the morning where I live. 

I recall my first morning waking up in Australia as a 10 year old child and hearing their call. I rushed into my parents bedroom to tell them that I just heard a Kookaburra, because I had been learning about them at school in Scotland before coming to Australia and discovering the fantastic new environment with gum trees and eucalyptus trees. However I didn’t get to see kangaroos, wombats or koalas until I moved to Canberra. In Sydney I lived in a built up suburb so there wasn’t any chance of seeing the real wildlife. 

It would be interesting to see how this kookaburra has adapted to the environment in Scotland. There are botanical gardens in Scotland that have Australian shrubs and trees so perhaps the bird could be relocated to a botanical garden or else returned to Australia which would be better for the bird. 

On a funny note, kids in Australia have a little alternative rhyme to the original version that they say, Kookaburra sitting on the electric wire, jumping up and down with his arse on fire. I remember hearing kids in primary school saying this around 1973 and by the time I had children, it was still popular. I don’t think there is a single Aussie that doesn’t know that rhyme. 🤣🤣🤣

‘Relentless’: Expat’s hilarious outback clip


Ah, The great Australian salute! Shooing away the flies, though in the outback it’s worse than in cities. Ever tried using Aeroguard? Spray yourself head to toe and keep the can with you to reapply as needed.

The fly and mosquito net is a must have in Australia for bush walking along with a hat for sun protection. Long sleeves and trousers are also recommended to protect you from bites from snakes and spiders. You can also buy snake gators (guards)  your legs. Smart people carry a snake bite kit when bush walking. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrGNml_e5NU An advertisement for Aeroguard , lol

12 April, 2024

End of the week humour because we need it

 It’s just one of those hectic weeks where we need a long weekend again.

                                                 I can relate to this chores never end 

                                           I knew that there was a reason why I liked Tigger

10 April, 2024

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Art


I must admit that I am new to this Australian lady Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1888-1960), but the picture below I am quite familiar with for over 35 years, only recently did I find out who the artist was. Her illustrations are beautiful fairy and elf themed and right up my aly.

If you go on to Google images and type in her name there is a wonderful selection of her illustrations. Wouldn't these be lovely framed and hung on a wall, especially in a little girls bedroom. These are very dreamy images to inspire a child's imagination or bring out creative skills in those of us that are drawn to this form of art. The colours are lovely and soft and very fitting for the subject matter. There is also a facebook page dedicated to her artwork. 

It turns out there are calendars with her artwork too. You may want to search the internet for books or prints by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. I suggest keeping an eye out for 2025 calendars if you want one. You may find some in your country if you don't live in Australia and you don't want to pay the cost of international postage. 

Cards for sale in Australia.

09 April, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session # 2 April 2024


Yikes that image of the late JC is offensive! I am not a Christian, I don’t have a religion. I am strictly spiritual, however I think that imagery is inappropriate. 

Marija Orsic has been an intriguing character we know little about her only hear say. We don’t know who her parents were or how she came to be the intriguing character she was famous for. This is the first time that I have heard of her being killed. It was previously believed that she disguised herself and fled the country after at the end of WW2. I wonder where Wes got his information from because I would love to know more about her. I don’t think she was a goodie, more like walked a fine line between good and evil. 

That is just the feeling I have about her and the Vril women in general because these secret societies are also controlled by big egos. The real secret societies are for the elite only and for these women to get involved with the mob that the Nazis elite were hobnobbing with means they are connected to the elites. They are not just random women that are psychic. They would be privy to deep esoteric knowledge that is fiercely guarded by the elite bloodlines. I would say these women are most likely the offspring of elite bloodlines and the power lies in the women, not the men. 

08 April, 2024

SCIENCE ALERT: Alzheimer's Is More Common in Women, And This May Help Explain Why


Such a frightening disease, it is very important to look after your gut health as soon as you are old enough because it affects the entire body. Also the gut is known as the second brain as it has an intestinal version of serotonin which interacts with the brain and it is vital that this brain gut balance is kept intact and well maintained. You should only buy probiotics that are kept in the refrigerator, shelf stored probiotics are useless.

Speak to a pharmacist or the manager of your health food store about the best quality probiotics available. Do not buy off the shelf stuff, it does nothing. Also take vitamin C regularly because it helps in the production of good gut bacteria. That is something that I only found out recently from a relative overseas. 

I have known of good probiotics since I was in my 20’s because I was interested in natural health and I had a good naturopath helping me with my health. You can take probiotics whilst taking antibiotics by the way Talk to your pharmacist and they will give you the correct advice, doctors don’t always know about taking probiotics, and you will find that pharmacists are pretty well up to date on the importance of probiotics. 

Hormone replacement therapy is very tricky to get right and not without problems, going back a few decades ago there were all sorts of health problems with HRT and cancer. That is something that always worries me. I blame the HRT that my mother took for her ovarian cancer but I don’t have proof of this and she would never discuss her health issues with me due to silly old fashioned beliefs. She was against Pap smear tests due to her ignorance and wrongly believing that that was for prostitutes. That worked out so well for her that she was dead a month after her 61st birthday. 

Don’t neglect your health, treat your body with respect and eat as healthy as possible. Make sure that you educate yourself on gut or intestinal health because most health problems start in the gut. Apple cider vinegar made from the whole apple is also excellent in maintaining your health. Swap your regular vinegar for this one. Importantly read up on the health benefits of apple cider vinegar it is a tasty medicine that is a must have in your kitchen. There are books on the subject as well as websites that are very informative 

Be self empowered and self aware with your health care, it is not a doctor’s responsibility to keep you healthy, your body is your responsibility first and foremost. 

06 April, 2024

Granny‘s Kitchen

 Oh remember granny’s kitchen, when the sunlight came streaming through the window. The early morning baking and the aroma wafting through the house. A child’s excitement and delight because she’s making you something nice. Is it cakes or biscuits or an apple pie for after dinner? You’ll have to wait and see. 

Today is her baking day, and the day is in full swing, she smiles at you lovingly as she works the dough to bake some bread. Granny loves to bake wholesome treats and shares them lovingly with her family. A blessing that’s for sure, after all what is childhood without a granny’s love and care. Her warmth and tender kindness that children hold so dear. It’s not like mum or dad’s love, no it’s a special kind of magic that nothing can compare. It’s like a super power or a secret magic spell that only a granny can possess. That warmth and tingling feeling that soothes us off to sleep, that special loving warmth that takes away our fears. Safe in bed and loving thoughts that takes us off to sleep,  excited for tomorrow and the fun of being with granny;  building memories that we will hold onto forever. 

Oh how we love dear granny who makes us feel so special, oh how we love dear granny, we want to stay at her house for ever and always be her treasure. Oh how we love dear granny that knows our favourite things. 

Even in the cold and rainy weather granny’s kitchen is full of warmth and comfort. It may be gloomy outside but it’s always sunny in her kitchen. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfy while granny tells you stories of her childhood. See that little tear in her eye as she fondly remembers her own childhood, a time so long ago. To her it was only yesterday but to you it’s an eternity not something you can fathom. 

You sit there enthralled by her memories and stories, you ask her awkward questions and she replies with a laugh, oh, I am not that old. One day you shall remember the special moments of your childhood and share them with your children. You will fondly remember the kitchen with the baking and the love. The cooking and the meals shared with the family. The nights you slept at granny’s house, and the tender loving care. 

The summer evenings and delicious meringues and special treats kept for such enchanting nights. The house is full of guests and granny has a special treat for you to play with while the adults enjoy their conversations. Knowing children get so bored with adults conversations, granny knows full well. Let me check the cupboard, I believe that I have something that you’ll like. 

Oh, granny it’s just what I wanted; you reply with sparkling eyes and a great big smile. Now run outside and play in the garden before it gets too dark. Remember to say thank you granny, you tell her that you love her, it warms her heart to hear. She’s the best granny that you ever had, nothing else compares to granny with her tender loving care, she will always be your granny the one you hold most dear.

Copyright, Alex Fulford, April 2024

05 April, 2024

Back in hospital again tonight

 Here we go again, with my husband taken to hospital yet again, twice in 4 weeks, unable to breathe at present and his lips are blue. It wears one down having chronic health conditions, and then the million questions that you have to answer when you call an ambulance. It is protocol but for the family it is stressful, frustrating and adds to the stress, when we just want the dispatcher to say it’s on the way. I am used to the protocol, leave the outside lights on, put the dog in a room, open the front door and have his hospital bag packed ready to go at a moments notice.

 Got that down pat like a boss, because we are used to it year in year out for 35 years. No, we don’t have anyone to step in to help, I take care of it and always have. The lesson was learned decades ago, to harden the FK up and deal with it. People are suddenly unavailable. Yeah, and I keep a tote on that don’t you worry. I will return the favour. 

The ambulance service are very fast to get to the house, they are always absolutely brilliant people; as are the emergency operators. Very thorough to prevent mistakes or wrong actions taken. I have a hell of a lot of respect for all of them. 

My husband has not really improved since he came home from his last spell in hospital 4 weeks ago, he looks emaciated, with loss of muscle tone and body weight, as you do when you can’t eat or keep anything down. After the family doctor sent two urgent requests to the hospital regarding his gallbladder still no news from the doctors that deal with that issue either. That is really pushing my buttons let me tell you.

Tonight it’s serious gastrointestinal issues again, with the ongoing intestines pinching his stomach preventing any food or fluids going through the intestinal tract, nothing has stayed down since he came home from hospital and the situation is much worse than before. What happens is similar to a backed up drain. Everything comes back up in multiple eruptions of a substance similar to faecal fluid, which is painful and causes intestinal bruising, this also causes severe dehydration which happens very quickly, hours in fact, in people who don’t have all their gastrointestinal tract. Adding other medical conditions into the equation and it is much more complicated and can be life threatening. This is the case with my husband, his health is getting worse and is basically getting palliative care from here on in, there isn’t any other option. He will be given intravenous fluids and sent back home tomorrow as usual. 

This time we want the hospital in the home care because we are sick to death of  getting the run around without any other options. That’s not good enough, there is no damn quality of life. Patching him up until the next time and so it goes, meanwhile I am as angry as hell at the shit we have to put up with. I am at the end of my tether with everything, it’s been going on for so long. Not just him having serious health problems since the age of 22, but the current situation which has just been getting progressively worse and it’s a case of suck it up buttercup. 

Tonight there are eight people lying in the corridor ahead of my husband to be seen. Bear in mind Canberra has a population of less than one million people, but our government takes in people from NSW which blows out the hospital waiting list. Here we are four hours later and he is still waiting on a trolley in the corridor. He will be going to acute care at some point overnight. Still not on IV fluids yet despite being a diabetic that’s dehydrated. The doctor is supposed to be arranging an ultrasound so they can see where my husband’s veins are, to insert a cannula for a drip, we are still waiting for that! 

When a person is severely dehydrated the person’s veins are very thin and difficult to locate, my husband has always had poor veins as it is, making the job harder. 

Meanwhile I’m at home talking via messenger asking my husband for updates on his status. I can’t drive these days due to my own health issues and I will have to depend on a taxi to go to the hospital,  heaven forbid something goes wrong. Oh, yeah, Mercury retrograde is in full swing right through to the 25th of April. Just wonderful….not, have already had some experience with Mercury already this week. I don’t need any more of that thanks. 

(I had three hours sleep overnight) 

UPDATE: 5/4/24 Surgery is being arranged for asap, meanwhile he is on clear fluid today. High risk involved but doable according to the senior surgeon. They planned to operate around 30th of May and trying to arrange a surgical team. 

14/ 4/24 : Here we go again, phone call on Thursday afternoon to say you are being bumped down the waiting list to a category 2 case, but if you feel ill, just come to A and E. This is not even a full week of being home from hospital and they pull this stunt. Perhaps if they stopped playing politics and actually pulled their fingers out more surgery could be done in a timely manner. What price do you put on the quality of a human life? That’s what it is all about these days, it’s all about the money. 

Update: May, CARE Program invoked and everything is finally happening, no bloody apologies yet. That will happen though. Surgery is still set for 14th June but ongoing treatment is happening to keep him stable. His condition is labeled life threatening, well duh! Yet doctors can’t communicate with each other, the staff bickering with each other and not updating his medical records accurately. 

02 April, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 1 April 2024


Question 1 is interesting in regards to the dragons and the colours red and white. The house of Lancaster no longer exists, it became extinct in 1471. The colours red and white date back to the ancient Egyptian royals of upper and lower Egypt who also had bloodline disputes. These are bloodlines that are still around today which are traceable. King Charles III is a descendant  of the ancient Egyptian bloodlines because all the royal houses of the world inter married over centuries.  It is always the female bloodline that is important no matter what. 


Question 5, everything in creation has been feminine, male energy is not designed to carry life in a gestational sense. I look at this from a both a scientific and metaphysical perspective, keeping the modern medical science and political beliefs out of the equation.

Politics holds no water in metaphysics or spiritual matters. The universe and the multiverse are created from pure (spiritual?) energy and mathematics. Everything requires a frequency to exist whether in the non physical or the physical realities, which Wes can explain much better than I can. I do get shown things in visions or in meditation like the egg shape (cosmic womb). Lately though, I do not have time to delve back into this stuff because I have way too much happening in my personal life.

 I advise people to read the full 5 levels of learning or The Wes Penre Papers to fully comprehend the Q and A Sessions or much of what Wes says will go right over your heads. 


I printed them off years ago and keep them in folders. I also keep a kindle version of everything too. Wes was worried that they might have been pulled from the internet. There certainly were many hacks and disruptions over the years since he released this information. 

Sign up for his newsletters and perhaps join his forum if you find this stuff of interest. I do not endorse anyone that Wes may mention. 

30 March, 2024

My Psychic Dog

 Damn, miss Ruby never misses a beat, every time that I make a cup of tea standing at the breakfast bar (kitchen counter or bench) she is right there in a blink of an eye. I don’t even hear her, she just appears. 

My cup of tea is an important thing 🤣🤣🤣 and she knows exactly every single time that I am making a cuppa. There is no tricking her, I swear she is psychic. I gave her little tea cup of her own which she drinks from occasionally and then she comes after my cup. Just now I have just made a fresh cuppa and right on cue she appears at my side. It’s not my ordinary tea, oh, no, it’s the T2 New York breakfast tea. 

Ruby is a doggie tea connoisseur and she just knows the good stuff. She hangs around like a shark watching and waiting for me to hand over the tea at the bottom of my cup. I will try to string this cuppa out as long as I can before she pounces. 

29 March, 2024

Lively humour day


Binging on lovely romantic movies over Easter

 Happy Easter everyone, 

I do enjoy the vibe of Easter from a seasonal perspective, the atmosphere and the weather at this time of year is sentimental to me, remembering childhood in Scotland. Spring in the northern hemisphere is lush and green with beautiful spring bulbs in bloom, especially daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses. I fondly recall visiting my grandparents at Easter and giving both of my grandmothers bunches of daffodils and chocolates every year. I love the fragrance of daffodils and hyacinths to this day and grow them in my garden as a wonderful memory of spring in Scotland. 

In Australia these flowers don’t bloom until August, September and October; so when it comes to Easter in Australia it’s still pretty hot in the mid to high 20’s Celsius, although if you live in the southern regions, the mornings are cooler. So I like to have a day to reminisce about childhood memories and watch old romantic movies while enjoying goodies.

Enchanted April is one of these feel good movies, about a small group of women that want to have a nice Easter holiday in Italy away from the rain and gloom of post WW1 England. It’s a warm and feel good movie where a beautiful romantic transformation takes place in otherwise dull and uneventful lives of these women. 

If you have never seen this 1991 movie, I highly recommend it as a must have in your DVD collection, to watch on a day when you feel flat and need a pick me up movie to bring back the warm and fuzzy vibe. 

Above is the cover of the DVD that I have, there are a few other covers, but the cast is the same. Joan Plowright, Miranda Richardson, Josie Lawrence, Polly Walker, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent and Michael Kitchens.

Another great favourite is Chocolate with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. A different world away in  a simpler time and place with a message of acceptance. There is nothing nicer on a relaxing day to enjoy these quality movies and sipping tea from your favourite fancy tea cups while eating hot cross buns, or enjoying a bottle of sparkling wine in the afternoon. 

 Make it a day of fun doing what makes you happy. I hope Easter Bunny stops by on Sunday with plenty Easter eggs for you. 🐇🐰🐰🐣🐥🐤

Warm and fuzzy hugs everyone 

28 March, 2024

Queensland premier backs Molly the magpie's reunion with pal


Poor Molly, being separated from her adopted family and doggy sister Peggy. I do hope this has a happy ever after ending. It’s not unusual for birds or wild animals to invite themselves into our lives and homes. Even if they just turn up in the morning and spend the whole day with us. Some decide to stay and charm their way into our homes. 

Towards the end of my cat Tolstoy’s life he had a magpie friend. Tolly was an indoor cat most of his life, and was an amputee, having lost a hind leg to bone cancer at 10 years old. He was in the final stages of cancer when an elderly magpie started coming to our back door every day. We were letting Tolly outside for a little while to have peace and quiet from the rest of the fur babies. He would just sit on the veranda and eat his food while just shooting the breeze. This magpie just came up to him and sat with him every day until he died. We believe that both Tolstoy and the magpie were communicating and each other and were both at the end of their lives. 

This went on for a couple of weeks, but the morning after Tolly had died Mr magpie was tapping on our door to ask where was  Tolly. It was so sad trying to tell him Tolstoy had died. The bird seemed to understand though, but just after this two younger magpies came along and chased the old magpie and attacked him. He flew over the fence with them and I never saw him again, though I could hear them fighting and it was so upsetting for me that poor Mr magpie had such a terrible ending.  

I really hope that this little Molly magpie gets to return to her adopted family and her doggie sister Peggy.

UPDATE: Molly has been reunited with his family 

Christina Applegate reveals she has 30 lesions on her brain due to battle with Multiple Schlerosis


 My heart goes out to people who suffer from any illness or disability, I hope Christina manages to get some good quality of life in the future ,like many sufferers of this debilitating illness. It is down to how much money is spent on researching though, and that researching takes many years of hard work. Unfortunately anything connected to our autoimmune system is notoriously very difficult or impossible to cure.

My husband lost his best friend to MS  at the age of 28, both of them had been battling life threatening illnesses at the same time. There wasn’t any remission for my husband's friend, it was only 6 months from the diagnosis to his death. Yet many people are lucky to go into remission or the condition runs slowly for years before the person dies. It’s the luck of the draw really. If you can call it that, because it is still a misery to suffer from any illness or disease that eventually claims you life.

 One thing that MS can  be mistaken for before the person is diagnosed is they can appear to look or sound drunk. Slurred speech and poor balance is often missed as the vital clue at the first onset of the disease. If you have these symptoms or anything that is a bit off, please go to a doctor and get checked out immediately. It may not be MS, but it could be any number of things, so when in doubt check it out is the golden rule. 

Leaving aside this tragic situation for a moment, in assisting your health care, both iridology and astrology are interesting factors to consider. The iris is like a map of the human body where a trained professional iridologist can pinpoint your potential for illness as does astrology. I often went to naturopaths when I was young and, my pregnancies were detected by iridology, as well as other health issues that I had.

I already knew that I was pregnant at both times but had not disclosed that until after the iridologist mentioned it. Another time I was warned by a female iridologist about the potential for becoming diabetic and to alter my diet. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family and the lady doing iridology knew nothing about my family history. She didn't need to because the information is in the iris which is pointed out to the client with a colour photograph of your eyes.   

I keep an iridology chart in my office as a reference tool for general knowledge, because it is a fascinating subject. Iridology has been around for centuries and is a vital tool in natural medicine, which should be considered by conventional medicine as a reliable source of information when diagnosing diseases. You can watch the illness progression from the iris.The upper part of the iris relates to the head, brain and upper body region and the lower part, the lower part of the body. However it is not as simple as it sounds, it is complex.

It may help speed up diagnosing diseases and illnesses, thus improving the chances of survival for many people. A combination of natural and conventional medicine is a great asset in treating health issues. Nothing by itself is perfect but a combination of diagnosis and treatments is much more effective, as well as an open mind with the ability to think outside the box. This is a possible key element in health care that may save more lives due to early detection of illness. 

In the near future light therapy will become mainstream as a mode of health care using different colours of light and frequencies. The health system around the world is going to go through phenomenal changes in our lifetimes  and must change with the times. I pray for a world where we can eliminate illness but we know such a thing is a long way off if ever it happens.  

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...