27 August, 2023

Tarot card of the month: September 2023, The Devil


Key words: Ego, Addictions of all sorts, Lust, Materialism, Hopelessness, Ignorance, Bondage, Restriction, Temptation

I think we have already had this card pop up in 2023 and it is still very relevant to humanity due to the fact that we are all creatures of habit and we do not collectively seem to be capable of learning lessons especially on a spiritual level. The hermanubis (humanoid looking beings) chained to their lot in life, the black stone relating to Saturn. The hermanubis represents human instincts and mindsets struggling to rise above the lowly conditions and restrictions to become more spiritually attuned. 

Inverted energy, which is destructive energy that restricts thinking and instead responds only to base instincts perpetuating a never ending cycle of suffering. The energy of this card is Saturn based, Saturn being the ruler of the Sign Capricorn and the 10th House of the zodiac. Which covers reputation, profession, authorities, a parent, status and the ego. Saturn gives us the urge for safety and security. Saturn is also "The Teacher" which goes in cycles of 28 to 30 years so it is a generational cycle.

To me this card informs me of human nature, the human ego and lessons to be learned.  Sadly humanity seems incapable of learning lessons as history clearly demonstrates. Restrictive thinking or living in ignorance if you like. And when you look at a cycle this long you can see that this is a major chunk of a persons life with restrictive thinking. 

What I feel in this card is emotional energy, right v's wrong, left v's right and unbalanced energy. Temptation to do things that may not be the right thing to do, tempered with logic. People as well as leaders seem to be at loggerheads globally. International politics are highlighted and highly charged emotionally, moving things up a notch. This is carefully done though, carefully thought out by western leaders. I feel they need more time to build up their war machine. But there is carelessness and lack of foresight because someone is not on the ball in the west.

So missed opportunities to put protective measures in place are apparent. But!! is this really carelessness or planned? Goading the opposition to act. Not that either side are at all innocent, none of these leaders are good guys, and this is the duality of this world playing out. Someone is upping the ante and there is no doubt about that. China is not happy and neither are Russia and Iran. But things must simmer down otherwise we will have a crisis on our hands. Which will continue to see-saw up to 2025.
That year is the point of no return globally!

Shipping, as expected will be extremely difficult and problematic and will become much worse by 2025. Certain commercial trading routes as expected will be barred or blocked and embargo’s increasing. Safety issues obviously are part of this due to Russia, China and Iran and their buddies playing dangerous games. Play  dangerous games then expect to win dangerous prises. This is the human ego expressing itself with temptation, restrictions and goading. 

Care is needed when handling the BRICS issue, I feel this will be an obvious stumbling block, we must keep an eye on India here because they are not alway playing by the rules and do things to suit them only. This may result in India having problems in global business if they act unethically. 

September will be a memorable month for some people. New things of interest and alternative entertainment is the feeling that I get. But there is something historical happening too, this feels like in the UK and perhaps in Scotland itself. This is commemorating something and I see a castle involved.  Memories are held dear.

Nationalism is a thing in September too, observed around the world, as people feel protective of their homelands.  Don't take this to the extreme please because it could have unintended effects or consequences. Keep it happy, joyful and light. Nationalism can be as simple as celebrating food from your homeland and sharing it with others in a feeling of love and friendship. That is nice, we don't need or want fanatacism because that is destructive energy.

Everyone on earth has the right to their culture and celebrate it lovingly, then no one is offended. Respect  is the key here, so respect the country and the culture that you are living in. Simple and peaceful gratutude and leave it at that with love in your heart. 

Beach activity in September might be a bit of a fizzer in the northern hemispheire with wind and rain, so it may not be much fun then. You might as well have fish and chips and a stroll around the beach forshore. Just enjoy being outdoors as best you can before Jack Frost returns. 

I must point out avoid any violence in public places because it will not end well, it will not be tolerated.
This is due to new laws that have been introduced. People are on edge already due to world afairs, so please be careful and remember what is done cannot be undone. Stay cool and don't engage in any anti social behaviour.

Keep your eyes on the news in September because there are major changes coming. Read between the lines in some news articles. As all is deffinately not as it seems, be prepared for some shocks in the news. This again is global, stay calm and stay focussed, be careful of how you react to some of the news. There are some shocks that many people will not like, get used to it, as I said in my 2023 predictions this is a new era globally and you will not like what is coming. Stay clam and logical, this is imperative, logic before reacting. 
Someone in a very powerful position is deliberatley stoking the fire flames at a very high global level. He is an old western man with grey hair that I mentioned last month, this man is nasty!   

Warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone around the world and warm and fuzzy hugs to all fur babies 💓

Ps this was done yesterday afternoon but just posted today at 11.56am

Note: 11/9/23, I just looked up the last time the devil card came up, it was October last year, lol time does fly. It seemed like only 3 or 4 months ago. 

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