02 July, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #1 July 2024



It can only happen if people don't man up and grow a pair! 

Boomerang not Bumerang!! Spell Check is a great tool, just saying.

What Wes does't mention is when we are in our physical body we are dead. We are entombed, think about the term, "as above and so is below". Literally speaking, in our third dimensional world we think we are alive, while on earth  and when we are dead and in spirit we are upstairs in a higher world we call heaven. Yet, when those in spirit think of us, they see us as being dead. 

There is no up or down per say, we are talking dimensional frequencies that rise and fall on a scale. That puts a different spin on things entirely. Some frequencies are dense realities and the higher the frequency the lighter and less density there is. Then there are positive and negative variations of each dimension.   

Q4 is pie in the sky theory. If you get entangled in a group of souls how easy is it to disentangle from that group? Think about when a person has entity attachments, they can't always be moved without help, I have witnessed this myself. Then it has also been said that there are also people that after death find it difficult to leave their bodies and they also need help leaving their bodies. 

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