02 July, 2024

Tough new laws to protect retail workers in Western Australia come into effect


Well this looks like that changing of the guard that I have mentioned in the past, where the end of politically correct laws that are weak and ineffective are now on the turn. The old problem, reaction, solution game moves the other direction, or so it seems.   

However I am rather skeptical on this being enforced correctly though because the people committing the violence do not have the money to pay the fines, which then could become a "mandatory" sentence. Then that depends on how good the solicitor is at playing the mental health card and poor perpetrator, it's not their fault BS to get a lighter sentence. Notice the wording "up to", that does not mean they will get 10 years. 

Get the laws that are there enforced for violent  crime. The premier and the government need to man up and insist that the laws are applied properly by the magistrates. Assault is assault, there is no excuse for any violent behaviour whatsoever, so stop making excuses for violent people and man up and apply the law.

 Domestic violence gets less jail time, that is if the perp actually goes to jail, so what is going to be done there? Its insulting for us women that we are not protected. 

Western Australia and Queensland seem to be the worst states for violent crime because of the court system, and criminals get the upper hand. Because they know how lenient the magistrates are. 

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