16 July, 2022

Tarot card of the Month: August 2022, 7 of Cups


                                          Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Pisces   Planet: Neptune, Jupiter

                                         Element: Water   Direction: West  Gender: Female 

                                         Season:  Autumn/Fall in Northern Hemisphere 

Number 7 meanings for this particular card and month are; defiant and impatient

August seems to be a month for caution, where all is on offer with an air of naivety and  mystery.

Who knows what the results will be? Surprises that's for sure.

Beauty and fashion are in the hopes and dreams of some, keep it real and achievable. There is an air of secrecy in major world events, politically, financially and in conflict. There is toxic energy indicated due to emotions of religious fervor and spiritual beliefs showing the ugly side of people. 

Emotional issues are indicated for August, communication must be handled with care, especially if it is of a political nature. This also covers the current unrest in Sri Lanka, and countries  like Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, France and naturally Italy at present.

I feel greed and looting connected to countries like Sri Lanka , Africa, and countries experiencing conflict, especially poor countries.These are opportunist crimes taking place including stealing from the poor. 

Real estate is in the news and this could mean interest rate hikes and house prices rising again. I do not think that the prices will stay high, I do feel there will be a big drop in house prices eventually. That may be due to governments actually doing something to stop the prices being beyond the availability of ordinary people.  This though will take a while if they actually intend to do anything to stop this farce of over inflating the value of houses. 

This card also shows that there is victory over adversity for some people, I feel this is connected to Ukraine in some way. 

All is clearly not what is seems on the face of it, so take time to examine and look behind any offers being presented to you, or even information presented to see what is really happening. I feel this applies to the news coming out of mainstream media, just for a change, lol. The Ukrainian war and covid are just two of the things covered here and all shortages, which are manufactured.

The wool is being pulled over our eyes, so question everything that you see and hear, because you may just be taken for a ride by powerful people with a vested interest in misleading the public.

 Communication is not clear in  August so keep your wits about you especially with scammers, phone and email scams ramping up again. Take no risks with anything. Do not accept anything at face value.

Keep an eye on older relatives that may fall prey to phone scams and hacking. Educate the elderly on dangers and if they don't recognize a phone number do not answer it. If it is a genuine call they will leave a text or voice message.   

I see Putin pushing himself forward again, as do Biden and Xi. I feel impatience and clouded judgement connected to these individuals. Pawns are being moved forward on the chessboard again.  I feel water in relation to this as in the Sea and the Navy. I feel China will be harassing and buzzing around Australian and US naval vessels by air and sea; and possibly Australian and US military aircraft being buzzed by the Chinese military. It is just ongoing mischief and China has no intention of stopping this game of chicken. 

Financially speaking China is showing signs of cracking,The government will resort to tightening the money on ordinary people and obviously that will not go down well.

More embarrassment for BoJo is coming out,this could be in regards to alcohol and drugs connected to Downing Street, parliament and partying. 

There is more confusion around traveling for the world, especially for the northern hemisphere. The UK, Europe, USA and Canada, covid related restrictions and passports. No one knows what to do.  

I see a blond haired, slim built woman involved in a scandal, it could possibly be of a sexual nature. She is a socialite or an actress and I am shown a woman with a tan all over and long straight blond hair, I don't think she is a natural blond. This could be a very embarrassing situation for her. I am not a follower of celebrities so I have no idea who she is I get a vague image of one of the Kardashians as a rough image to how this lady looks.  She is well advised to keep a low profile for a while.

As I look at the & of cups I am drawn to the middle of the card. There is a cup or chalice that has a  figure covered by a white cloth which is shimmering in red energy. This feels like a warning to people that are following fake spirituality. Be warned, all is definitely not as it seems, hoodwinked and deluded, virtue signaling is put on a pedestal. 

Do not part with any money for any so called spirituality event, retreat, membership, charity purposing to be spiritual, it is a con. Hold on to your money, do research on the group or organization and most importantly do not join it! There is an element of a scam or slight of hand going on. This card warns of deception going on and especially where money is concerned.

The number 7 on this card is also a warning of this deception and temptation. The grey colour of the cloud is spirituality, blue is for communication, consciousness and the  realm of the mind. So please don't fall for the "old Jedi mind trick". I feel a dark haired man is involved in this.

You cant con an honest person , so they say. No, but you can deceive them if they are naive. There are a lot of naive people  in this world too, so be wary.

The snake in the card is also touching the cup with the figure under the white cloth, (holy spirit) Is it really a spiritual offering or is it the booby prize or a rip off? 

We are clearly not getting  what we need or want in August 2022, in the important things that matter in life.Stability, financial stability, a stable home, protection from poverty and suffering. Peace from a world in conflict, and restrictions on our lives. 

Notice the little castle in the cup symbolising shelter, protection from the environment and any threats to our  survival. 

The jewels in the cup represent materialism, worldly goods, greed and wealth. The wreath in the other cup represents victory, being a winner. But who is the real winner and the real loser? 

The dragon in the cup represents fear or benevolence, I would also add spiritual energy.

The face in the cup represents a god like being, mysterious, radiant figure, (Think fake spirituality/ guru)

The snake represents the universal symbol of spirituality like the ouroboros ( the snake eating it's tail).

Psychic power, treachery or the underworld of wisdom of the unconscious. Fierce vigilant power of the libido (Scandal). 

Reversed meaning of the card is shadowed, implying secretive activity or thoughts, be they good or bad. Being a darkened figure also suggests duality in any situation. The fact that the figure is all black symbolises mystery, silence, despair, ignorance (unable to make up one's mind or know what is  the right thing to do or even think). Trans-formative energy once one makes an informed decision or choice, including taking action once informed).

This cup is also emotional energy so it could be an emotional reaction or fantasy/imagination running riot. It could be logical, but one must be grounded and rational to make a wise decision because it may well affect other people too.

The white cover on the middle cup can symbolise virtue, innocence, purity, truth or truce (surrender),

I will add naivety  as well as sterility or weakness. This is related to the warning on spiritual scams and also any religious fanaticism and beliefs. 

The grey cloud represents spirit or consciousness, balance, neutrality, poverty, indifference, sadness and loneliness.  Grey also represents our spiritual connection to the all that is or universal consciousness.

Blue: Truth, calmness, peace, cold, melancholy and spirituality. Blue also connects to the healing energy from the heart chakra. Think of the turquoise stone and the calming energy it gives off including warding off negative energy.

Red around the white cloth is glowing and illuminating with life force, action, passion and will. Think of the religious and spiritual energy all fired up. I do warn against fake spirituality. But keep an eye on the abortion issue firing up people with firm religious beliefs too. Leave this alone there are no winners in this situation. This is a world of extreme polarities and that energy can be very destructive in the hands of spiritually young souls, it is dynamite.

Please stay safe, stay calm and above all think before reacting. keep love in your hearts and go forward in peace.

Blessings and free hugs,


Looting in poor countries DRC. 


BoJo strikes again. If ever there was a political version of Frank Spencer it is BoJo.


15 July, 2022

Doctors told Hans he was 'young and healthy'. Now he could have less than 12 months to live


Another young person dismissed by doctors and has bowel cancer. I am absolutely disgusted at the arrogance of doctors these days. My blood boils with anger at this. How the hell do these bastards get away with this negligence in the 21st century? I am going to keep posting news articles about young people that are disregarded by their doctors to show how common this actually is, especially with young women. 

 My heart goes out to this poor young man and his wife. They should be enjoying life together not having to deal with this. They probably didn’t know there is a medical advocate in hospital to reach out to if you disagree with the doctor and want results. You can put doctors on notice and say you wish to invoke the equivalent of Ryan’s Rule in your state or territory. That will make them do something fast or else face legal action. This is a medical ruling when a person is facing a serious life and death situation in a hospital, medical centre or even hospital in the home, a mental health facility etc. The law steps in on your behalf to protect you and get the life saving treatment you need. Do not let doctors bully or intimidate you, stand your ground. 

My husband had to do this a few years ago, due to the egos of two doctors over who had the first dibs on treating him. Meanwhile my husband was deteriorating. All hell broke out as soon as the advocate stepped in. My husband was then rushed into theatre for surgery and then on a ventilator after that. I will never trust our local hospital now and any time that we have to go there I am watching them. I have no problem with the general nurses and doctors, they are usually wonderful hard working and dedicated to helping people. It’s the individuals that won’t listen that are the problem. 

Never, ever let doctor push you around. Ask questions and if need be ask for a second opinion. Do not be afraid to go over their heads in a serious situation. Egos and power tripping should never be tolerated. You should see how women get treated having a miscarriage. I have been there and stood up to them and was taken into theatre. I was 38 not a young woman going through a miscarriage that often get sent home to deal with the baby passing in the toilet. I kid you not. This was standard back in the late 1990’s not all miscarriages are easy and there is often tissue left inside that can cause infection. Public health leaves a lot to be desired at times again this is not the fault of the general staff, it’s upper management. 


Every state and territory has its own name for Ryan’s Rule. Read up on this and be informed on your rights. Even in a mental health situation, if you feel a loved one may try to harm themselves in hospital this law applies. Ryan’s Rule is not just for children, it’s for everyone. 


14 July, 2022

PDF eBook: When Scotland was Jewish by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman and Donald L Yeats


Ancient history find for those that love reading history. 


The declaration of Arbroath signed 6 April 1320. 

Should Australians cut down on charcuterie after French findings on bowel cancer risk?


Time to re evaluate what we eat in Australia. There is also a link to Alzheimer’s disease with processed meats and bacon. 


Red meat may have a protective barrier to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. So think about that when there is a push towards veganism and the inability for many to be able to afford red meat at present.

A diet high in processed meat is extremely unhealthy, and for young people in particular risking the rise in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as they age. Good quality nutrition is vital to preventing disease and boosting brain health and intelligence. Without good nutrition we have brain shrinkage and a drop in intelligence and the ability to think critically, logically and then have defective DNA producing children with health issues and a lower IQ. 

New York releases video explaining what to do in a nuclear attack


I find it rather strange that this video was released and no explanation in the news article from the government. Keep the fear going and have people paranoid and scared, sure why not.

China has said that they will go the nuclear exchange option, like its the preferred solution. Spoiled child mentality of course, hit out irrationally when not getting their own way. But given that we are not even ready to punch on why is this on the internet? Do they know something that we don’t?

13 July, 2022

America uncovered: Are recessions a good thing?


Are we facing a recession? I tell you what, ask a psychic or an astrologer because we see this coming in advance. I have mentioned this for years, not the 2008 blip. That was nothing, this is the biggie, I lived through the 70’s and 80’s recessions and they were bad but not like this with manufactured food shortages and other nasty stuff. This one will put us back to a Great Depression like situation. Read through my blog and you can see for yourself. Kiss goodbye to the middle class and children getting an education. 

Stage management is ratcheting up the rolling crises and everything else that can keep us in a state of fear, then jumping into a world war, because they can. There is big money to be made so why not. 

Neil Oliver: Wikipedia co founder tells Neil Oliver: The establishment left radicals have taken over the website


Interesting subject, we all know this organisation can’t be trusted anyway. Read the comments too please.

Awaken with JP: JP reacts to Biden saying there will be another pandemic


Watch and then read the comments. We already have been told by Gates and other idiots to expect another one several times in the past two years. We now know that they are not accident. Ka Ching! $$

One interesting thing is YouTube censor everything that is out of lockstep so why is JP not shut down? Keep that in mind. There are a few channels that are still available yet they shut Wes Penre down very quickly so he is on other platforms now. How long he lasts there is anyones guess as there are platforms that operate the same as YT. Algorithms slow down people coming to my blogs too and many other blogs. 

The first thing to keep in  mind is, who can you criticise and not get shut down. There is always team A and team B, regardless as this is a duality or polarity world, but things are out of kilter now so that means trouble for the masses. 

One other thing. The outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in Indonesia is that accidental or deliberate? Think of the planned food shortages and add this to the equation. Things generally don’t just happen out of nowhere. 

Worst is yet to come? Schools bracing for another term of pandemic-disrupted learning


Yeah, I wondered just how long they would take to disrupt the education again. There is no need for this unless you want to screw up the education of children and a global financial reset to put society back to pre WW1 poverty. Because that is what will happen if this continues. 

You can trust the media to do their part of the fear-mongering. But many people no longer trust the official blurb and are still capable of rational independent critical thinking. The one thing that people have at their finger tips is the internet to be better informed and stay informed on what is happening in the world.

I have absolutely no faith in mainstream media for telling the truth of anything and especially on this critical issue. Our very financial existence is at risk here, if this keeps going and it will you will see a rapid drop in the living standards of many people and the loss of the middle class as per design. 

NOTE: Read the comments including the comments on FB


Happy birthday Ruby: Doggie Birthday Treat Box


Miss Ruby had her 10th Birthday last month and we bought one of these Birthday in a box treats for her.

It went down a treat with the birthday girl. So if you are looking for these, go to Petbarn.  I love the little party hat in the box. A cute little keepsake, and yes there is a little birthday candle in the box too, rather natty I thought πŸ˜€πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ•

Bunnings lifts sausage sizzle prices for first time in 15 years


The sacred snag, must be revered. Uphold the honorable ritual of the Bunnings snag! I don't mind the one dollar  increase, everything has gone up and we all understand that the money raised by the humble little snag is for a very good cause. 

10 July, 2022

They gave her a bed to die in’: family of woman with Down’s Syndrome denied intensive care seek answers from Covid-19 inquiry


Please read this. Playing god is not part of being a health care provider, not now not ever. But here we are and many people have lost loved ones the same way worldwide. 

Trust me, I am a doctor…….yeah right!

Keep the vibes high


Amelia waited more than a year to see her doctor. By then she was dying


Yet another poor innocent girl’s life gone due to carelessness of doctors. She was young, so she was fobbed off. I wonder what would happen if it was an older person that would not be disregarded so easily by doctors. I hope her doctor lives with the guilt for the rest of his or her life. Amelia’s life matters! Lumps under the skin should not be ignored especially if they don’t go away.   Don’t guess, investigate.

That doctor let her down badly and should not be let off the hook for this. A full review of all the medical personnel that she had contacted should be done. The ambulance officer that told her she was wasting her time should bear responsibility for this too. This should not be let go of.

Britain has a poor medical system for choice of general practitioners since the 80's, your are assigned a doctor under the NHS. Unlike Australia, when we can just pick a doctor of our own choice and change if we are not happy with that doctor. Mind you in Canberra it’s getting very difficult to get a doctor due to the shortage and there are many doctors that have closed their books due to them having way too many patients. I am just shocked at how this poor young woman was treated, and wonder how many more people are suffering because of a poor medical system. The buck stops with the government because they created the mess in the first place.

Covid has been used as an excuse to prevent people getting life saving medical treatment too. This is unnecessary and an abuse of human rights. How long are people willing to take this on top of an antiquated helth system?  

Generally speaking we all have the right to second opinions, and should not be discouraged or dissuaded from seeking other medical advice or help. I know many people that have been let down by medical mishandling or negligence. One friend died due to the specialist being unable to see her brain tumor but her GP saw it in her scans, help came too late for her.

My husband was erroneously told his skin condition which continued to grow was eczema; it was melanoma!  I pushed him to see our doctor repeatedly because I intuitively knew it was dangerous. I was ignored, he said it's nothing; as time went on it got much bigger. The doctor both times said it looked like eczema. I told my husband to ask to see a skin specialist. this involved a trip to Sydney because he couldn't get a specialist in Canberra and time is very important to get the cancer under control. That skin specialist did a biopsy which showed melanoma 6 cm x 9 cm. But hey what does a dumb clairvoyant know!! So we had to drive 4 hours to inner Sydney for surgery and follow up care in Sydney after that for months. But at least he got treated eventually. 

Let me say that assumption is the mother of all screw ups. Don't assume anything, when in doubt check it out. Most doctors are very good, but sometimes people can be very unlucky and end up with a dud.That dud has human lives in their hands and an ego. That dud is protected by the system more often than not. So how often do the victims get compensated and acknowledged for being right to be concerned about their health?

09 July, 2022

‘Ultimate honour’: remains of hundreds of Moriori returned in biggest repatriation yet


Good to see the remains finally being returned to their homeland. It is atrocious that people in the past didn’t have any sense of decency and respect, thinking of these deceased people as nothing more than something to study. They wouldn’t dare do this in a Christian cemetery or white person’s cemetery.

It is appalling that it has taken so long to return the remains, the same has been done with Australian Aboriginal people’s remains and they are only just returned. What gives anyone the right to disturb any grave anywhere in the world? Sacred ground must be respected and preserved at all times worldwide. 


08 July, 2022

Dry in July

 Are any people reading my blog familiar with the occult roots of Dry in July? A hint is when  the media heavily promote something every year and it becomes like a ritual, that is because it is a ritual. The masses are just unaware of this fact. Even down to the choice of colours used in advertising or promoting events.

 Nothing is promoted without an occult or esoteric reason behind it. Then there is the energy harvesting that goes along with it, because people are paying attention to it. It is embedded in their consciousness and thought is energy in motion. So then people will participate in the event which is giving your energy and consent to the ritual but being unaware of the fact that you are naively participating in a ritual where your harvested energy is needed to participate and make the ritual work.   

I am not one of those people that follows everyone else. When I see things that are seen as virtue signalling. I notice things, but I don't always let on that I know what I know. Years of observing, reading and listening to my intuition make me more cautious and prudent. Today my intuition was directed to Dry in July, while it may be for a good cause look behind the event for other subtle reasons. Also on a health note bowel cancer is connected to heavy alcohol consumption as well as kidney, liver and brain damage.


 What has Dry in July got to do with Ukraine? Nothing, but this is programming. A subtle message from the elite to say we are in control. Google the images for dry in July you will see they are yellow and blue.
Nothing is by chance or coincidence that is absurd to think that. This is the elite communicating a message, I wonder what will follow? Bloodshed? 

Blue is for communication, golden yellow for joy and happiness but there are other meanings to these colours both positive and negative. The shades are important too, whether they are dark and muddy looking or bright and cheerful. 

Blue can represent coldness, aloof, authoritarian, depression, unfriendly or it can be calm, peaceful, creative, intellectual, consciousness and communication. 

Blue can be a healing colour aligned to the heart chakra.

Yellow can represent jealousy, cowardice, bitterness, deception, sickness and mental illness or it can be joy, happiness, hope, sunshine, spirituality, optimism.

Yellow is aligned to the solar chakra.

Neil Oliver: The magical island I dream of


Lovely video, the Island of Iona is on a ley line that is one reason for the energy that people feel. Human consciousness has been put into the ley line by praying and meditation. People just don’t understand how powerful and important ley lines are. 

This island wasn’t just picked at random for its remoteness. It had to have spiritual energy and great significance or it would not have attracted these  missionaries in the first place. Any pagan worship sites were taken over by Christians no matter where they were. All through history the conquering forces did this and knowing full well that temples and pagan places of worship were on ley lines.

Robert Sepehr: Georgia guidestones destroyed by massive explosion


No great loss! 

What we know about the shooting of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Nara


Such shocking news, Rest In Peace Mr Abe.

Are my psychic predictions boring or are you just not interested?

 Just looking over my stats for all of my psychic predictions and tarot card of the month and the stats are very poor. So tell me what is it that you don’t want to read? I put tags on everything to make it easier to find. Unlike my old blog because I didn’t know how to tag anything so that people could find anything.  But people did actually find the psychic predictions and other articles. Much of that blog has been moved to this one with the link showing the date of original publication. I don’t post unicorns and rainbows rubbish because it is meaningless it is not spiritual and has absolutely no value, it is manufactured nonsense. 

I share my articles and psychic predictions to Facebook and on MeWe, which turns out to be a waste of time. I post on Wordpress to try to extend my audience, but only a few people actually read them allowing for algorithms. But it all seems such a waste of time, when people just don’t seem to be bothered. Even articles that are written about my psychic experiences, not many people are interested, some of which have been published in magazines.This is my whole life here that I live and breathe for and I feel very invalidated by the lack of interest.

I try doing YouTube tarot card of the month and a couple of videos speaking about my psychic experiences. I honestly think it is all a massive waste of time. What is the point in doing this if no one is interested? Only a small number of people actually  bother reading or listening which is very disheartening for me. 

17 or18 years of being a professional Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual healer and I have had clients literally come from interstate for readings, I read for overseas clients on Skype or other platforms I had a live radio show in 2015, but suddenly I am irrelevant. Somewhere along the line I have suddenly become invisible and no one wants to read anything that I predicted or my spiritual and psychic experiences.

I can’t do anything more, other than post my predictions, this is my life; it is part of what I was put on this earth for. But I feel like I am irrelevant. Being a clairvoyant is both a gift and a curse, it is by no means an easy life for me. I am devoted to spirit and being a good and honest person. You can’t get any more basic than that. What you see is what you get, with honesty and compassion. I am who I am.

 I would just like people to know that I exist and what I do matters. My work directly affects people’s lives in a positive way when I do readings and mediumship. I give people hope and encourage them to be more self empowered. 

07 July, 2022

Bye Boris

 Lol, The idiot is getting his marching orders. Now Britain can party! 🀣🀣🀣πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

Vitamin D can be toxic if taken in high doses. Here's how much you should be having


PLEASE READ THIS! This is quite serious and you should have a blood test to see if you are deficient in any vitamins and minerals before taking them. You must always tell your doctor exactly what you are taking, what dosage and how often and for how long.

You can seriously damage your body or even die because you are misusing vitamins or minerals. They are not harmless if used incorrectly.  

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson clings to power as more ministers resign


Now this is embarrassing, no one can stand him yet he hangs on like a bad smell. No sense of self respect. But what train wreck would take over? And there aren't any normal politicians in the western world that are fit to lead a country regardless of which party gets elected. It's pretty tragic all round.

‘The ‘mild’ days of Omicron are over’: How COVID’s new strains could double Australia’s 10,000 death toll


The media are stirring up fear again, and most people are seeing through this. The uptake of vaccines will also slow down. There is only so much the public will tolerate from fear-mongering. Eventually people will switch off. The virus will keep on mutating that’s what they do, and eventually it will not be a problem. 

Just keep up with your general hygiene and social distancing, keep your immune system healthy by eating healthy, that’s the best that anyone can do. There are millions of viruses around us everywhere but we are not dropping down dead. Some people have poor immune systems, some people are more robust. We will survive, but when it is a person’s time to leave this earth nothing can stop that, however what the catalyst is to leave this world is the thing to ponder as there are multiple causes. 

Just for a bit of sideline information from a spiritual perspective,  our births, deaths and all our experiences are locked in at our conception, and then when the soul placed is placed into the physical body by the soul bearers it is programmed for the reality they are going to experience. Some of us have very short incarnations and some have very long incarnations. Why that is, I have no idea, as we are not privy to everything from the spirit world. No one has the complete picture, we are given very little knowledge of the spirit world and how it functions. 

We do have “possible” exit points in our  astrological charts. Everyone has this, where there are exit points to end the life or keep going. The soul decides when it is leaving and it prepares weeks if not months in advance. We are not aware of this on a conscious level, although a psychic person will feel this on other people they encounter, and must never reveal that to the person as it will obviously be very distressing. 

Yes there are things that can happen too like being murdered, killed in an accident, that can also be under the exit point. Not being an astrologer though, I would have to ask an astrologer if that shows up differently on a person’s chart or not. Illness definitely will show on a person’s astrology chart and a basic outline of what area of the body is weak. That will also show up in a palm reading also. The human body has many ways of being able to inform us of possible health problems including iridology. The top half of the iris relates to the upper half of the body and the lower half to the lower portion of the body, and also the iris split into segments within that.The left eye relates to the right hand side of the body and vice versa.This form of medical diagnosis is thousands of years old and very accurate. 

People like myself get premonitions and dreams when loved ones are going to die. May be not for every single relative or friend, but we do get warnings from spirit. For instance when I had premonitions and dreams of the deaths of my mother, an aunt not long after my mum passed, an older aunt, my grandfather, and a few others including a friend and a couple of neighbours.  It is not a hard and fast rule, because some deaths have taken me by surprise such as a younger cousin that died three years ago and an older cousin that died days later suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Plant once, keep harvesting for free with these must-grow salad greens to reduce cost of living


If you have the time and space to grow things that’s great. Even things that you can grow on your veranda, whether in tubs, hanging baskets or wall mounted pots in among other plants can be handy. It gives a nice tranquil atmosphere to your veranda. Cherry tomatoes, salad leaves and snow peas are a good option.

A herb pot for dill, basil, parsley and rosemary. Keep seeds from plants to use next season too. Mark envelopes with what type of seeds they are, position as in full sun, part shade and when to sew the seeds. Keep any culture tags so that you know what you have and the care instructions are on the back. I put mine in plastic sleeves in a ring binder folder. I have done that for over twenty years. 

Nasturtiums are a pretty and edible plant, both the flower and the leaves. The seeds are the size of a small pea and easily recognised. They are a plant that keeps on giving. However if you don’t like the peppery taste you can grow them for colour. 

Keep any type of mint in a pot or it will destroy your garden, it is so invasive like ivy, as is lemon balm. Buy gardening magazines or a big gardening book that covers everything. If you choose magazines you will only need one years worth for enough information on what to grow when, but buy something like Gardening Australia, or similar that covers fruit and vegetables. 

06 July, 2022

CRYSTALINKS: Ancient Egypt and the Australian connections


Many places have been  visited by the Egyptians. The powers that be just refuse to tell the truth. So now and again they get a reminder that liars get found out, lol. 

Ellie Crystal has such an amazing blog. book mark it if you love reading, she is awesome. I have been following her since she started. My husband let me us his PC, and I came across her hunting for metaphysical info. 

‘Eventually it will just be a barcode, won’t it?’ Why Britain’s new stamps are causing outrage and upset


I never expected to see this, lol. But hey nothing stays the same. 

There's some truth in LOL'S


05 July, 2022

ABCNEWS: Stolen wages court case hears of violence against Aboriginal stockmen ABC


Absolutely horrific, I had no idea that this was going on. I am certainly aware of mistreatment and abuse  in general which I find horrendous.  I hope the families of the abusers are made to pay compensation not just the government. These people that own the stations must be held publicly accountable and compensation paid. How the hell has this not been dealt with sooner? The trauma still lives with the survivors and their families and that is unacceptable.

04 July, 2022

Crystalinks: Dyslexia


Interesting article, I was never diagnosed because my mother moved me from school to school (and we moved house too)  just about every 12 months. I do believe that being dyslexic was being examined at my last primary school in Scotland before I emigrated. My mother was psychological bully from my earliest memories from when I started school, so there was no possible way for me to get the help that I needed and the school didn’t actually inform my parents of the possibility of me being dyslexic. I only told her long after I had  left school and boy did she hit the roof lol. I knew how she would have reacted, so I kept quite. A ten year old learns when to keep quiet and avoid being in trouble after all. 

I know for a fact that I have undiagnosed dyscalculia and dyslexia which had impaired my career choices because I was denied the help that I needed. No one even picked up the high anxiety either due to being no longer than 12 months at any school. Only two close relatives actually pointed out the abusive nature of my mother, but no one ever helped me.

No, I had the “luxury” of helping myself as an adult. If my teachers had been more aware of me and actually cared, they would have wanted to talk to my parents; in theory. That would not have gone down well with my mother, she would have put the fear of Christ in them. Kids that fall behind are often ignored because teachers focus on the smart kids, it’s so much easier. And back in the old days the teachers were often psychological bullies too. That adds to the trauma that makes the child’s situation worse. I know because I lived the nightmare daily. I found Scottish teachers were far more abusive than any Australian teachers that I encountered in the state schools. Women were by far the most aggressive and violent teachers that I encountered. I was never a naughty child only chatty. As a primary school child I was constantly afraid of my teachers and my mother. I was often so afraid that I would just shut down, my mind would just go blank. No thoughts just blank! That was out of fear. 


Privileged status in being dyslexic, you can’t be serious for gods sake. It’s no bloody privilege or walk in the park. Whom ever came out with that remark is a bloody idiot. 

TheRiotACT: Deadly dog disease spreads to capital region, first death reported


This is serious, it may be wise to get your baby-dogs vaccinated with C7 as it protects against Leptospirosis. Keep your dogs away from drinking from puddles and stagnant water. Now keep in mind rodents are attracted to chickens, so it’s very important to keep an eye on any rodents in your yard if you have chickens and clean their coup regularly to keep the chance of disease at bay. 

We used to have chickens and we were vigilant at keeping out rodents. That can be difficult during the current weather and mouse plagues, we can only do our best and be mindful of what our fur babies get up to. Keep your dog on a leash when out in public at present until they are vaccinated against this. 


This link is from 29 June 22 please read this too. 

Baby-dog is my affectionate name for dogs 🐢 

03 July, 2022

Woman suffers catastrophic injuries after chiropractor visit


What a terrible thing to happen to the poor girl. This poor soul has sadly had her life ruined, and I am pretty sure the chiropractor must be devastated by the tragedy. 

I used to go to a chiropractor for almost 40 years after a car accident at aged 19 off and on after physiotherapy just wasn’t working for me. But in the years since and many visits to chiropractors and osteopaths nothing has fixed my injuries. Classical osteopathy is safe because they don’t crack any bones, much as I loved that crunch of my neck going into place. My bones would never stay in place from my neck down to my hips. The more that you do this the weaker the skeleton becomes, the bones will just keep popping out of place. 

 I realised that I was wasting my time and money. I started going for Thai remedial massages and this helped to a point. I would recommend remedial massage as a replacement treatment along with advice from your doctor and physiotherapy. 

I still have ongoing pain and problems from my 1984 accident and osteoarthritis throughout my spine. I no longer drive a car as my neck hurts and I can’t turn my neck properly to lane check without being in pain, among other health problems as a result of the accident. 

Don’t take a risk with your neck, avoid neck manipulation as much as you can. There are other techniques that may help, which involves supporting the neck and massage. Then you may have specific exercises for your neck muscles to strengthen them. It’s not easy and may not return you to pre injury condition. But do make sure that you look after your body and prevent things from deteriorating as best you can. 

02 July, 2022

The sniffles keep on going

 Yuk! One week and one day and the sniffles keep on coming. I did the first reading in a week and it went fine but the sniffles were driving me nuts. On top of allergies, where I often need 180 mg of Telfast  a day, this is insufferable. My nose is always blocked but with the added misery of it running like a tap.

When I get a cold it is usually a head cold. The chest is rarely affected, a bit of a cough but snot city is the problem. Roll on springtime, I don’t mind just taking a Telfast, but the continuing drip, grrr πŸ˜– yeah, Nah.

The traditional number eleven on the upper lip, as made famous by Billy Connolly🀒

Wes Penre on Odysee: How confusion is introduced into the spiritual field 2


Robert Sepher: White giants of the new world


Read the comments while watching this because some people add very interesting comments.

The red hair is very important in human history, and must never be discounted in our evolution think of Cro-Magnon man  and Neanderthals, the royals of Europe and ancient Egypt. This is important bloodlines and the connection includes Atlantis. History cannot advance without the investigation into Atlantis and the ancestors that came from Atlantis to the rest of the world.

This documentary only mentions the giants between the heights of 7 foot up to 10 or12 foot but they omit the ones much taller. Also from what I have read over the years some were peaceful and some were violent and aggressive. But when the average person cannot access the information that academics can access we can only collect published information in books. So the best that one can do is buy books including second hand books. Just keep in mind that your loved ones will perhaps hold no value in such books or historical literature in general. Only the random individual will appreciate such knowledge. 

Now is the time to make an effort to track down the books that you feel offer you  enlightenment. But do not lend them to others or you will not get them back. Not everyone treats books with great respect and deep reverence. I have learned that very painfully that nothing leaves my house. Let people buy their own books, because usually they don’t respect the privilege and the access to information without having to pay like you do. My father was ripped off by a friend because he foolishly trusted him with a extremely valuable book that costs thousands of dollars. And he never got it back. This jerk proclaimed to be spiritual yet lied to my father so easily. That book is worth 2.5k now. 

Trust is folly, so please guard your wisdom and guard your books and anything of value. It’s not about the money it’s the principles that are paramount. He who values nothing but expects everything handed to him is profane. Such a person can never be your friend nor trusted with sacred wisdom. 

Please enjoy the video and hopefully it will enhance your quest for knowledge. Enjoy your weekend.

01 July, 2022

In The Brownies, Billy (The Big Yin) Connolly


There was a video on YouTube for this unfortunately it’s not there at present. The Big Yin in multiple disguises too. But at least the record cover shows them all. There is a band copy him on YouTube too.

I always enjoy a good laugh at his antics, I have no idea how he got away with so much back  in the day but he is one of a kind in his comedy routine. 

29 June, 2022

My Crystal Ball


I love this Crystal ball, I use this from time to time when doing readings or just when I want to do some scrying to focus. The base is three hares made from pewter.  A crystal is useless if it is clear, it must have inclusions for it to work properly. Not like the ones that one sees on TV, which a just props with absolutely no energy  and made of glass. This is clear quartz which is used in amplifying energy.

                                                           The spare or stand by

                                              The baby crystal ball on a pewter butterfly stand

28 June, 2022

Pandemic babies' with no immunity are ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses


This doesn’t say if the mothers were immunised with the covid vaccines. I sure as hell would not have taken the vax if I was pregnant. It’s a bloody experimental vax. I think we need to wait and see what development comes from this story thought. Be cautious about everything the media say. For a start other viruses not around at the time doesn’t sound right to me. There are always viruses in the air, they don’t just disappear for a year or two and suddenly come back. 

Babies only have a certain amount of immunity from birth and can catch a cold even if a few weeks old. I don’t think the media are giving us a very accurate picture from this article. Also how many babies made a full recovery? Is there any harm done to any of the babies from this virus? Did any die as a result of the virus? 

27 June, 2022

Robert Sepehr: Forgotten dream of Atlantis


I haven’t see any of his videos for a while but I found this one tonight. I hope you enjoy it. 

Miss Daisy sprung coming out of the cupboard of teddies


She was just so cute, a tiny little thing but strong. My little Empress. 😻😻😻 Daisy loved teddy bears 

As soon as I opened a cupboard door she would be in like Flynn. Whether this one below the tv or in my office, miss Daisy would suddenly appear and quick as a flash she would be in among the bears. I even had two small picture frames with gift cards with pictures of bears in them for her and she would just sit and look at them. She was a very special little girl. I miss her so much. 

Heads up notice for Wes Penre new forum and removed from YouTube

 I am a bit late on posting this. Wes did retry YouTube recently but  something keeps getting him removed from YouTube. Astounding considering some of the trash they do allow. 

He has moved to a few new platforms and you can sign up for membership if you are interested, not forgetting his usual website and blog and getting your email updated messages as soon as he posts something. 

https://wespenreboards.com/ here is the link for the main stuff again. You can find Wes on Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble. These are new to me, so I am not sure if I will be using them. At least not yet, I am not one to rush into new platforms especially if they attract people that don’t have spiritual values. 

Vive La difference 🀣🀣




The links from the email from Wes to his readers. 

Having a sick day

 I am in bed resting today, I came down with a cold on Friday and it hasn’t shifted yet. I couldn’t sleep last night because most of it has gone to my sinuses and I am not a happy camper. I feel like something the cat dragged in. Pressure in my head, eyes and sinuses yuk. Blowing my nose constantly, I now feel like I am blowing my nose with sandpaper. 

I am just so over it. I like to be out and about being up to mischief and all that. I’m missing out on shit 🀣🀣

Eddie Mabo's grandson Kaleb continues legacy with work to restore Mer Island


I am sure his grandfather is watching over him, and guiding him on this important mission. He will be so proud of his grandson. πŸ€—πŸ€— It’s a big responsibility to take on and having spirit to guide him I am sure it will turn out fine.

Aboriginal heroes from early years of colonisation the focus of research project


It’s called being human, good people help everyone. This is the way spirit intends us to be, helping, loving and caring. Much respect πŸ€—πŸ€—

Wiradjuri heroes Yarri and Jacky Jacky celebrated 170 years after 1852 Gundagai flood


Such bravery and no torches back in those days. 

So good to see a monument to these amazing men. Rest assured that those in spirit know this anniversary is taking place and would gather there to join in the celebration. Spirit usually arranges these events before we know. I have seen this in many ways myself. The loved ones in spirit make contact with us, never the other way around. That’s how spirit works.

Government use of political campaign tool “regrettable” but not “meaningful”, Ombudsman findings reveal


Betrayal of public trust! But hey social media and the media in general are also doing this. 

“Deemed not to be in the public’s interest to take further action ”. I beg to differ on that. People need to be held accountable no if’s or but’s. Hiding anything by any chance? 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NationBuilder from the US.

So you think these guys are trustworthy do you? I don’t. I am sure the CCP already have all of our data anyway. 

Calling Ryan's Rule changed Renee Williams's hospital treatment — and it's being used more


Wow, this is scary, no reason given in the article for the doctors not responding either. Thank heavens this mother knew of Ryan’s Rule. The public have the right to an answer and a full investigation into every time this happens. What if people have never heard of Ryan’s Rule? It’s the first time that I have heard of it. I don’t know what the Australian Capital Territory has as an equivalent. I do know the Canberra hospital has a medical advocate though and we had to use the advocate once, or I would have been a window. 

Be informed and be empowered but please be respectful. When under duress it is difficult to maintain your composure especially in a life or death situation. 

Here is a link for Canberra information CARE. This includes mental health too. 


This is from 2016, I just hope it is useful in someone’s hour of need. There is a thing at the bottom of the article mentioning NSW, but not all of NSW was on board as of 2016. Why is it not national? 

Ryan’s Rule covers being in hospital and being cared for at home by hospital in the home medical professionals. 


This is from 2020, Victoria and Western Australia 

World’s first cyborg’ Dr Peter Scott-Morgan dies aged 64 after motor neurone disease battle


Poor soul, this must have been terrifying for him, but encouraging people to be cyborgs is away from our true spiritual purpose. We are spirit and must return to spirit. Yes the physical body is a trap and endures great suffering. I can understand his wanting to live longer, however where is the quality of life? 

There is a lack of spiritual awareness, and understanding here. That is detrimental to humanity evolving to leave the physical world and the suffering. We are not meant  to be here, in this living hell, literally.

It is heartbreaking to see people going through illness and being unable to help them. I have been here many times with family and friends. It never gets any easier, but death is only a transition to a different reality. However it is how we die and where we go that matters. 

To stay in a cyborg body is not going to give anyone freedom, quiet the opposite and it suppresses spirit and soul so that the spirit can never leave this reality. Transhumanism is a trap, stop and think before you make that fateful mistake. This is not how humans are supposed to evolve. It’s spiritual evolution never technology implanted into us. That’s the ultimate death knell and the loss of any spiritual connection that one has. But that is the agenda being pushed by ignorant people with a vested interest in enslaving humanity permanently. You stop evolving spiritually, however you can nano travel. That again has a dark agenda that most people don’t understand let alone bother to think about. You will have your thoughts based in a cloud to be reprogrammed and be part of a hive mind complex and the loss of individual and independent though. No free will, just programmed to respond and act on command. 

This poor man is free from suffering any longer. He will not be in any pain or suffering now and that is a blessing. We do not experience physical pain in a spirit body, that’s a physical world thing. Our emotions and personality are still intact though when we are in spirit. 

Calls for Foundation Day public holiday to recognise Bungaree and Flinders' roles in Australia's history


Good idea, this important man should never have been forgotten, Bungaree is of great significance to history and should be honoured nationally. An extraordinary man in his time and crucial to history as are many indigenous peoples. 

It’s a shame that Australian history is not taught to the same level as it once was. It was compulsory when I was at school, both in primary school and high school. We covered it all in the1970’s of course from the first fleet in 1788 onwards, we were also taught that the Dutch were the first Europeans to discover Australia, Western Australia’s Cape York peninsula  to be specific in 1606.

I hope young people get a lot out of Ted Eagan’s book and songs. More Australian history is needed to be taught in schools for the younger generations to give them a sense of pride in their nation and belonging. Honouring  the ancient culture, spirit and history of this great southern land too.

26 June, 2022

Hyacinths in progress

 I decided to get into growing Hyacinths again after many years. So after keeping them in the fridge crisper for four weeks, last night I put them into the bulb vases and put them in a dark cupboard for the next exciting stage. 

I have at least one white Hyacinth and a mixed bag so I just hope that the three in bulb vases will be pink, white and purple. The smell is divine and so old worldly, it makes me feel sentimental. 

The last time I grew these beauties I still had all my original fur babies. Fondly remembering Garfield strolling past them on the sideboard and freaking out in case he knocked them  over. He broke a few vases and fancy glass candle holders in his time. 

Anyway I am super excited to be growing these again. I don’t remember what happened to the pyramid shaped bulb vases that I used to have. I must have donated them to charity. Damn, I do that and then think, D’oh! I wish I had hung on to that. 

I am a lover of old fashioned flowers and bulbs, there is something special about them that hark back to simpler times. Lace doilies and lovely flower vases and any romantic old world furnishings make me so happy. I think that I would like a country cottage like miss Marple’s. But more girly with pink, lavender and soft blues and soft green for a summer look. 

25 June, 2022

Oh, the lols keep coming


Wisdom is before him

 Wisdom is before him, that has understanding.

  proverbs 17: 24

ABC NEWS: COVID cognitive decline more widespread than thought, say researchers at Australia's first long-COVID clinic


This is terrifying for those people affected, I hope they find something to stop this getting worse. I have always maintained that this is a Trojan horse like bioweapon and nothing will convince me otherwise. If you read through some of my psychic predictions you will see my original comments including some American involvement in this great evil. 

No innocent human beings or animals deserve this horrendous harm done to them. Only someone that is pure evil comes up with this sort of horror. I really despair at this stage in my life that any good will come, and real justice be done to those behind all of this, and the instigators of war on both sides, whether people realise it or not this is part of a war against humanity. Why else would such things be created? 

The brain fog and other symptoms sound similar to fibromyalgia, which is actually a broad term name for a group of symptoms  which includes peripheral neuropathy, cognitive impairment, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and a lot of other symptoms. These covid sufferers are in the same situation as myself. Exercise gently and pacing yourself is part of the key for moving forward, don’t push yourself to reach a result or it can cause you a setback. Avoid any form of stress because it will make your situation worse. I speak from experience.

It will take years for this long covid to fully unfold, but nutrition is a must; to have quality of life. Don’t skimp on eating healthy because it will cause flair ups of symptoms, as does stress. For me personally I make sure that I have magnesium cream and magnesium flakes for a bath, vitamin B complex and zinc and vitamin C and D as my basic care. I am lucky that so far I have not had covid, my husband has serious health issues and we strive to keep covid free. We must all keep going, there is no alternative for all of us. Team work is vital for quality life for everyone. Hang in and don’t give up. 

Inca-era tomb unearthed beneath home in Peru’s capital


Don’t you just love stuff like this. There is still much to be unearthed around the world from times past. I doubt that our time will be held in awe in the centuries to come because we have devolved in real craftsmanship and architecture since the 70’s to date. Nothing lasts that is built these days, it has a finite lifespan and then destroyed to build something else. It’s all about money and not creating any magnificent structures like in the past. 

24 June, 2022

Awaken with JP: Shocking Biden allegations, nothing to see here


This guy is good🀣🀣 It says a lot about the people that voted for Biden, not that Trump is any prize pig 🐽 either.

Listen at 6.48 where a woman is mentioning the “Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for population control”.  How many people didn’t even know that not just Ol Billy boy, but his parents are also Eugenicists? Do some deep reading on that one it’s an eye opener. 

Biosecurity zone set up after deadly honeybee parasite detected in NSW


This is why Australia must be very strict with bio security. No risk taking and having to be very, very strict on what is brought into the unique prehistoric island continent. Things do slip through from time to time usually in food imports, but they do go through strict procedures. Creepy crawlies can be hard to detect because the are so small and can hide easily. There is nothing like Australian flora and fauna anywhere in the world. None of it can ever be replaced, so it all comes under government protection for very obvious reasons. 

Keeping foreign  insects and fungi etc, out of Australia is a hard task 24/7. The damage can never be undone once it happens and can decimate our country very fast. 

UPDATE: NSW Bees are in lockdown 27/6/22 funny there is no mention of the source of origin. We have the right to know this.


New scientist: Super seeers, why some people can see ultraviolet light


How weird is this! Seeing into the ultraviolet spectrum. Does that include pink elephants? 


This is a part of the book;The theory of everything, Science and the Bible, three specra of lights 

European Union formally accepts Ukraine and Moldova as candidates to join bloc in a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin


Kiss goodbye to national sovereignty if you join the EU. It may be a blow to Putin, but also a unseen blow to the citizens of Ukraine in the long run. I think it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. All stage managed  for an agenda at the expense of human lives. The whole situation is very tragic and now they will be controlled by an ugly corrupt mob in Europe and the US. How long before the people say omg, this is not what we wanted? I feel for the innocent here they have suffered enough. 

To me this seems to look like a western backed proxy war and people have been sacrificed for an agenda. But this will get much worse and more innocent lives lost. There are never any winners in war only heartache and trauma.  Putin is now backed into a corner so this is a dangerous situation and he will get down and dirty. I would also say, if you think he is bad, just wait and see his replacement, the brown haired chunky chap.

23 June, 2022

Unvaccinated Victorian teachers to return to schools next week


Well there you go, I wish I had hung out, but who knows what comes next. Ever get the feeling it has been all a waste of time? How many deaths and injuries have come from the vax? This is the crucial thing, because there certainly have been deaths and injuries and the experiment doesn’t end until March 2023. 

Then there is the 70 year seal on the information being made public. I wonder if a world court could have this overturned on medical grounds given the deaths and injuries caused. Many people are very angry about this and all the unnecessary suffering, deaths,  the loss of income, homes, the psychological damage etc. 

Space is crowded, messy and dangerous, says this expert, and it needs better road rules


Maybe they should have thought about this when they started going into space. We teach children not to litter and then adults do this, clearly teaching double standards.This is highly educated adults I might add, that society is told to look up to and respect. 

Such hypocrisy, what happened to responsibility and accountability, this is not setting a good example when at the same time whining about pollution and the BS climate change on earth. 

The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat


I have been aware of animals leaving this reality in large amounts on a spiritual level for a few years. It’s a very sad and depressing situation. Knowing that for many of them their time is almost up. Factor in domestic pets, or as I prefer to call them fur children. I can’t imagine a world with so few animals it’s unnatural and against the laws of nature and spirit. 

There have  been many  funny little tell tale signs along the way even from a psychic perspective that point to a decline in animals, but this is not the first time in the earth’s history that there have been vast clearance’s of wildlife or homo sapiens. Great resets are part of the real history of our reality, this is but another one. How different this time is anyone’s guess, but this is a graduated event not just one day suddenly every animal disappears. Watch the signs and learn. 

A simple but practical way of reducing the amount of pets is the compulsory desexing of all cats and dogs unless they are used for breeding. So eventually there will be far fewer dogs and cats in perhaps say twenty years from now. It’s highly plausible if the desexing is compulsory. Responsible people do the right thing and have their fur babies desexed, myself included. Also if people can’t afford to have a cat or dog then less will be available. 

There has been a mass culling of farm animals in the US under various “circumstances” and the big push for veganism. That veganism, is  Marxism on steroids, it has all the usual signs and there is a very harsh push on the public to accept this. The same ploy puts the guilt trip on people. Pitting people against each other, ideology that is so forceful and the rabid fanatics that endorse the push making us submit to the push through intimidation. 

 You know that my body, my choice rhetoric, it’s a one way street. It doesn’t include all of our rights to real nutrition from real food. No it’s the opposite because it is a corporate-political agenda. There is big money riding on it. Veganism is very bad for neural development and dumbs the person down. Resulting in lower intelligence, brain shrinkage and the lack of critical thinking. A Vegetarian diet though is fine as long as we have real food and not man made food. Kissinger must be so proud of his 1973 quote, control the food and you control the people. He should have had that copyrighted, it would have made him even more rich due to many people using his famous quote. His dreams are coming true in ways that most people have never thought of, patented  Frankenfood. We’re loving it 🀒 

Now the artificial meat and artificiality inflating the price of real meat, fruit and vegetables at present is all too obvious for those that are paying attention. There is no real shortage of food, it’s being withheld. Even if you are aware of this, it makes no difference because the cost of real food could put it out of your budget regardless.

Violating our basic human rights to be able to eat normal healthy food. Remember this is corporations doing this so they can get away with things that the government can’t. Add the emotional guilt trip on top of the financial inability to access real food. No doctors or nutritionists will dare step out of line and speak out publicly because they are either afraid of losing their job or they are believing the lies. 

Big corporations are driving this agenda and take a look the vast tracts of land bought up by Bill Gates, that should have alarm bell ringing. Then take a look at the queen and how much land all over the world that she owns. Then people that we don’t know about that own vast tracts of real estate, foreign investors that take advantage of the opportunity. It is so unfair that individuals or corporations can own so much land or real estate and others have nothing. But that is the dualistic reality of this world. 

Land to grow crops and land to feed animals is shrinking now because so much is private property. It doesn’t look good for the future, but who knows what war will bring. How many investors will lose their land or businesses have land confiscated. Anything is possible. 

The way things are going this will go nicely with transhumanism, you can’t call this living. It’s a nightmare of epic proportions. Next time you buy food from a chain fast food outlet keep this in mind. This situation will not be stopped unless the masses get off their dumb arses and say NO. 

Just imagine feeding this to your children or grandchildren knowing what it is, and the harm that will be done. This is a nightmare beyond belief, but spare a thought for the suffering animals. They too have feelings and to be butchered is horrendous. I have only been eating meat fro two years at present after being a very strict vegetarian for spiritual reasons. I still struggle with the thought of how animals are killed and especially baby animals. That just is not right, it is cruel they way animals are “processed “ for human consumption. But this reality is not a very nice place especially from a spiritual standpoint, being one step up from the demonic realm. 

We seem damned if we do and damned if we don’t. This reality is heavily geared against humanity and the animals too. Individuals must look into their hearts for guidance and do the best that they can under the limited circumstances of what we think is free will. That’s an illusion right there, because there isn’t any, we just have to try hard to be honest and good, living from the heart. Boy that is a very difficult thing to do every moment of our lives. 

One final thing I want to say is I don’t put much trust in the people that put the article together, but I do know from a clairvoyant perspective this world is changed and things will never return to what was in our lives. It is starting to look like science fiction and no one in authority is going to stop this train wreck. 

I might go eat a bacon sarny (sandwich) after all that. Make sure you that you watch the video by Awaken with JP, Shocking Biden allegations. Not actually about him but at 6.48, we don’t just have to worry about what is being done to our food but Eugenicists, it’s all interrelated. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

 Do you go to a doctor and ask him if he is properly qualified or a solicitor or a trades person? No, of course you don't it is rude and...