12 October, 2023

Stellarium software update


This is a great website for lovers of Astrology and Astronomy buffs. I recentley updated my Astrology softwear and the email included the link to the updated Stellarium. I love this gadget and hope that you enjoy playing with it too even if you are only looking at the night sky to see where stars and planets are. There is a phone version and an App to use on your tablet or iPad. 

A Stellium is when 3 or more planets are in the same astrological house or sign. 


Enjoy xx

Robert Seperh: Edgar Casey the sleeping prophet on Atlantis

 Notice the mention of the different races of humans, we are all hybrids of different star races there was no out of Africa and science can definitely prove this now. This was a way of shutting down any uncomfortable questions and debate about the origins of man in modern history and partly because these scientists didn’t know the origins themselves. Yet many ancient cultures knew of the Star people that came here, the Dogon people (as in the star Sirius aka the Dog Star in Canis Major ) of Africa and the indigenous Hopi peoples of the Americas knew of them and mentioned the Ant people in particular that lived deep underground thousands of years ago that hid there from a cataclysm before Atlantis was destroyed. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canis_Major Those familiar with the Wes Penre Papers will understand the importance of this information. Pay attention to the names mentioned here and you’ll see that they are relevant to modern day because throughout western world culture the use of certain star names occurs in Hollywood, official sources such as government agencies and the media. This is no coincidence including military vessels, aircraft and spacecrafts and satellites bear names that are astrological in origin. 

The earth apparently gets cleared every so many millions of years, and re-seeded. However I don’t think there has been so many people on this earth previously. I believe that we are currently going through a tipping point again but not the same way as before, not that we actually know what really happened in the past other than what was left to us by the great philosophers and historians in the ancient world. Astrologically and Spiritually speaking Humanity only gets to evolve to a certain point and then we have a reset. I don’t know how long that actual process takes but I would hazard a guess that it’s over a few thousand years building up to a clearing phase and restructure of society. I also don’t think it is actually the entire planet is wiped out, it’s more likely localised regions as with the story of Atlantis. Whether by natural disaster, famine,  disease or warfare or perhaps all of these over a period of time. 
 Astrological speaking, events can be in thousands of years shaping the world and our behaviour. Astrological and astronomical cycles do affect the entire universe and all life after all. 

I feel that factions of the Atlantean people brought evil into the world via their priesthood and perhaps even their royalty bringing it first into Ireland and Europe and then into ancient Egypt and Babylon with survivors spreading out over centuries to get to Egypt hence the red haired white skinned pharaohs. These were not native peoples to Egypt and this has been mentioned in history, these pharaohs came from the west. Some say they originated in Ireland but I would be more inclined to say their origins are in Atlantis and then into Ireland. Our modern royal families with their red hair and O negative blood are from these  Atlantean bloodlines and the off planet rulers of this earth from thousands of years ago in our ancient past. These are the gods that were revered, a narcissistic star race with a very violent history. Why else would we have ancient people so focused on the Orion galaxy and all the ancient cultures that have venerated this particular area of the night sky? 
The pyramids built around the world including Europe, Newgrange in Ireland, Stonehenge,  are also aligned to Sirius and Orion for that reason. 

Empty Nose Syndrome: Rare condition ‘suffocating’ patients


What a terrible tragedy. I have never heard of such surgery or turbines in our nasal cavities. I do know that scraping the sinuses is not successful for people with constant blocked noses as a person with a constant blocked nose through allergies and chronic sleep apnea there is no way that I would consider nasal surgery. 

The suffering these people go through in their daily lives must be absolute hell. It may be better to explore alternatives to surgery such as Chinese medicine or homeopathy and irrigation treatments for clearing the sinuses. 


Please read this article about the pros and cons of nasal irrigation if you are considering buying a kit. I use it occasionally myself. I still have the congestion though and use allergy medicine every day. Surgery is not going to cure the problem and I don’t recommend it at all. 

You can use fenugreek, horseradish and garlic tablets to help with the symptoms but there is no permanent solution to the problem but a change of diet may help you, such as avoiding dairy products. 

11 October, 2023

Hang on to your hat in 2024 it’s going to be rough

 I am starting to do my psychic predictions for the world in 2024 and boy it doesn’t look good. If we thought this year was bad then next year will be much worse. Things are going to kick off early and quickly in very frightening ways. We need to be strong, keep emotions in check and not reactionary, think first and question what one hears or reads in the media. I just want to prepare people giving a heads up on what we will experience next year. I hope to have my predictions up by the end of next week all going well. 

Also my predictions usually run October to October as a general rule. It’s just the way it has happened since I started doing predictions. Remember that the world predictions are separate from the predictions for Australia too. Again it wasn’t intended to be like this, it just happened. I guess spirit wanted a distinct difference between them so I just go with what I feel.

Warm and fuzzy hugs 


Wes Penre: Q and A Session 2 October 2023


For some reason this ended up in my spam folder, I just found it checking my emails just now.

I haven’t read it yet but shall do so now. Enjoy 🤗🤗

04 October, 2023

Update on Ruby’s eye surgery

 Well today miss Ruby had her surgery for the tumour on her eye lid. The thing actually popped a couple of days ago and I rang the vet to let them know. I was advised to bring her in today for them to check her out. So the vet told me that her tumour is on the lower rung of tumours but would quickly fill up with fluid again, so it would be better to operate today. 

All went very well and she is home resting. Oh, and with one of those Elizabethan collars and she is not amused one bit. She was drowsy when she came home but boy did she did ham it up as she started to get back to normal. Then there was the woe is me mummy, and she played me like a fiddle 🤣🤣 Mummy I can’t reach my food with this fang dangled collar on. But the moment daddy put some chicken on the floor she hoovered it up. I offered her, her food again and she played the woe is me act again. So daddy said give her more chicken, so I put it on top of her normal food and she hoovered it up and her wet food. 

Talk about spoiled, she has no problem eating when there is fresh chicken on offer. However to get her medication into her I have to bribe her with a doggy chocolate and then put the stuff in her eye while she is chomping on her chocolate button. The pain killer is liquid and fed by a syringe, it doesn’t taste very nice so she gets a doggy chocolate after that too. She also has to have artificial tears in her eye also to stop any irritation. She is not tolerant of of anything near her eyes so I have to bribe her with a treat for this too. 

Having to wear the Elizabethan collar for two weeks will not be pleasant for her, especially at bed time so I guess we will have two weeks of intermittent sleep all around. You should have seen her with her “get well soon“ treat. I forgot that she may have a problem trying to hold it to eat. However she did manage to pick it up and carry it through the house. She just can’t jump on the bed at present. So we have to pick her up.  

I have just discovered that I am allergic to her fur this week. I have never had a problem before but this week her fur against my skin results in a huge spotty rash that is so itchy. I have an 180mg Telfast tablet every morning and it won’t stop this rash. When I took Ruby  to the vet a few days ago for her consultation on her eye, I noticed a rash suddenly developing on my arms at the surgery and thought that’s odd. Today the same thing happened but also on one of my feet too. One thing crossed my mind was grass seed in her fur or forget me not seeds, but she wasn’t outside today and it has rained since last night non stop so I think it’s her fur that’s causing the problem. 

I didn’t think that I would have an allergic reaction to her fur as we have had other dogs long before Ruby was born and she is 11 years old now. I did have a reaction with our late cat Garfield’s fur and he had the softest baby fur. Garfield was a Persian tabby cross. His fur used to hurt my face and was itchy but I never had a rash from his fur. So this is something that I have only just developed. 

Peanut butter beef hide treat for being a brave little girl 🐶❤️

Miss Ruby in the bedroom going up to the window with her treat to hide it. To the left is a blanket box with her cover on it. She suns herself every afternoon on the blanket box. 

UPDATE: Well after a sleepless night, miss Ruby is a bit shirty today and has spent most of the day in bed or barking at the wind. She jumps off the bed with her usual vigor but is clearly not a happy camper with the collar on.

Go back’: Study suggests near-death experiences are real ‘other dimensions of reality’


At physical death the body’s vibrational frequency drops to 25MHz ( usually it is around 67 to 77MHz) and the silver cord is cut. That is the spiritual equivalent of the umbilical cord. We also have several points at which we can leave this world at different stages in our lives though most of us never use them. So that is one reason for a NDE and a person has the choice to stay in spirit or go back.  Once the silver cord is cut there is no coming back. If a person dies regardles of being very young or elderly that life continues in the spirit world until the person reincarnates. I have a daughter in spirit and see her from time to time, her incarnation was not viable as the pregnancy came to an end at 12 weeks because the feotus was just a lump of tissue that would never have made it to a proper baby.  That is an example of a soul or spirit having an exit point.

This subject has been studied for over one hundred years in modern times and yet scientists are grossly ignorant on spiritual matters because they have such closed minds. Not to mention the numerous ancient texts from around the world mentioning the death process and the afterlife. I feel this article was rushed and more information could have been provided, it doesn’t make very good reading to be frank. 

People who meditate often can actually put their bodies into a state where they can leave their bodies and travel the astral realms easily by focusing their attention on a specific area, so the NDE is not much different. A person needs to be open minded in these matters and religious beliefs may actually be a hinderace to crossing over and what your experience will be. If you have a particular strong belief such as going to hell; then you are actually creating your own reality and that is what you can manifest. There is no hell but there are lower dimensions including the one that we live in. There are positive and negative experiences in every dimension. 

People must learn to be aware of their surroundings and take note of what they see and hear. There is a lot of deception involved in astral and people need to be better educated about spiritual matters because the realities are not what people are led to believe. Not only is our reality an illusion, all realities are illusion. 

Oh and by the way there aren’t railway tracks going into the tunnel of light either, I have no idea why this is sometimes shown in illustrations. There is no need for physical world things like railways, besides this is an energy that is used to draw souls into the light. Everything is thought reactive in the non physical world. Spirit begins move by thought from one place to another, we actually do this in the sleep state when we are out of body, because we are in the non physical world when we are asleep. There are infinite dimensions and there is not just our universe but there is also a multiverse. 

When in spirit it takes time for us to adjust to and understand and process what is happening and also learning how to recall all memories. When someone dies they tend to stay around loved ones for up to three or four weeks before they move on in spirit. That is why people report seeing the deceased person after they have passed; and in spirt we often watch our own funeral. I have seen this myself and have commented on my blog what I have seen. Also the higher self is well aware of the impending death (not so in the case of a NDE though) for weeks prior and prepares for the inevitable death, the spirit world beings such as our loved ones are also aware of the death coming because it has been set in motion before we even incarnate.

 A psychic person can see the etheric double of the person that is about to pass over and it can be rather daunting for us to see this especially if we know the person. A person that is very ill can also have a grey colour to their appearance or their aura too. I have seen this on someone that I know and knew something bad was about to happen and it did hours later that same day.


Wes Penre: Q and A Session #1 October 2023


Lol, #3 There are some really stupid people out there, a ghost is just an electrical imprint which eventually fades over time. Think about the centuries old ghost of Catherine Howard that people have seen in Hampton court in England, the ghost is now fading and now only part o her ghost is seen by witnesses.

I have read about similar ghosts in historical places in England that are now fading away and only part of them is visible such as the top half. Energy eventually becomes depleted and thus no more ghost. We are all bio electrical beings. 

01 October, 2023

Senior citizens meat raffle by Bill Kearns


Original post was put into draft because the page opened up my post to the public. So her it is again hopefully this time it won’t glitch.

I love to add humour to my blog to bring a smile and a giggle to people lives. Laughter is good for the soul. 

Senior citizens Christmas party Bill Kearns


I had to put the original back into draft because it opened up my new page to the public. It’s not supposed to do that. So let’s see what happens this time. 

29 September, 2023

Add This Flavorful Herb To Your Garden To Keep Flies At Bay Read More: https://www.housedigest.com/1399872/plant-rosemary-herb-garden-repel-flies-pests-naturally/


I have a wooden box of essential oils and they get a good workout. 

Scroll down the articles as there are other tips for getting rid of spiders, cockroaches and other critters.

I have rosemary in my backyard and have propagated some new plants. I intend to have them in pots at my back door. Mint should always be growing in a pot. If you plant it in the ground it will grow like wildfire and is a nightmare to control, just like ivy. I am still trying to get rid of my ivy that has gotten out of control. I hope that this year I will finally be able to eradicate the ivy. Just growing in hanging baskets is all I want. 

9 out of 10 pets love us!


This is a great mood lifter at our wonderful vet’s office. Parkway veterinary clinic is the best vet clinic ever. The staff are awesome and super friendly. They love their work and their patients with a deep passion. They also have a great sense of humour to boot as can be seen all around the practice with funny and quirky pictures and objects on display. 

This board is the ‘watch this space’ when you visit the vet,  with funny quotes and a welcoming vibe. It’s 

a place where happy fur parents stop to chat and admire each other’s precious fur babies. After all who isn’t proud of their fur babies? They are the light of our lives just as much as our human children. 

Miss Ruby is having a tumour removed

 Today I took Ruby to the vet because she has a lump on her lower right eyelid. The vet informed me it is a tumour. I expected it to be a benign growth but I wanted it removed because it has gotten bigger over the past two weeks and Ruby was starting to rub it. 

I assumed it was like a skin tag, and the lump has been there for a couple of months. So Ruby is going to have surgery to remove this tumour on Wednesday morning. I just pray that she will not have any more problems. We love our little princess and want her to have a wonderful life full of love and happiness. 

She is happy in herself and has heaps of energy as an 11 year old dog should have. I am not sure how she will take to the E-collar after surgery though, she must wear it for two weeks so she doesn’t scratch her stitches. In the meantime she has a gel to put on her eye 3 times a day. Poor puparino, we will have to make sure she is happy and comfortable when she comes home from surgery. Thank goodness she is not going through surgery like poor Tolstoy did. He had his right hind leg amputated at the hip from bone cancer and he was only 10, he got 4 extra years with us. It breaks my heart to see animals or children ill. Losing them is horrendous though. 

I will update everyone on Wednesday afternoon and hopefully there won’t be any further issues. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and cuddles to your children and fur babies.

28 September, 2023

Prayers needed for my father

 This is an old blog post that I was sending to a friend tonight and I just realised that it wasn’t transferred over to my current blog. It was dated June 2014 lol, quite a long time ago. 


Can I please ask for prayers and healing to assist my Dad? My Dad had a stroke last week, it was a mild one, however, there are other complications. Surgery is required and I would be most grateful for healing and prayers for my Dad, thank you so much.

I have asked my healing guide, the lovely Anna, as I call her and Dr Arthur. D. F. Gillespie, ( known and Don) who was a very well respected doctor here in Canberra. I first met Dr Gillespie (in spirit), when my father was doing spiritual healing on me 8 or 9 years ago. I had no idea who Dr Gillespie was until I met a friend of mine for the first time, that lived in his old house in Queanbeyan NSW. 

As soon as I went into the house I met him formally, and other spirit beings that lived there too.
It is a lovely house and full of warm loving spirit people. They just go on as if they are still in the here and now.  I feel very blessed to be given the honour and privilege to  work with Anna and Dr Gillespie in my capacity as a spiritual healer. Dr Gillespie's name seems to be sacred within the Canberra and Queanbeyan community.  Dr Gillespie passed away peacefully at his home in 2004.
I have no idea why the hell he picked me to work with. He just turned up in my house, as my dad was doing healing on me. The funny bit was, my Jack Russell, Sparky jumped up onto the massage table when my dad was giving me spiritual healing. I relayed to my dad what, Dr Gillespie said to the nurse that was working with him. He shouted ." The sight has been contaminated, we will have to start again".   It is not every day that a dog gets in on a medical procedure lol. But that's a Jack Russell for you!

Doctor Gillespie's sons and daughters all followed him into the medical profession. The sons became doctors and the daughters became nurses. I am sure they would be pleased to know their father is still working away on the other side of life and assisting the people on this side of life too. That is amazing when you stop and think about it. Nothing goes to waste with spirit, I can assure you.

I must add that I was stunned to see a picture of one of Dr Gillespie's sons on the net. He is the spitting image of his father. When I see old Dr Gillespie he only looks like he is in his late 50's.
I am eternally grateful to Anna and Dr Gillespie and to the medical personnel that are caring for my Dad. 

Update. Dad is now out of surgery and is holding his own so to speak. He still has to face more surgery when the doctors think he is ready.

Doctor Gillespie thanks for letting me hang out with you to do healing, You too Anna, you rock XXX

26 September, 2023

RIP: David McCallum, star of hit TV series 'NCIS', dies at 90


David McCallum is a legend. My father worked with one of David’s friends back in Scotland when I was small. My family have always been big fans of David McCallum.  

Take your final curtain call David the world loves you dearly. Rest in peace. 

Daniel Andrews resigns as Victoria's premier


Chairman Dan has quit, I can’t say that he will be missed🤣🤣🤣 he has to be one of the most objectionable politicians ever. 

25 September, 2023

Tarot card of the month:October 2023, Knight of Swords


Key words: Direct, Blunt Authoritative, Overbearing Incisive, Cutting Knowledgeable, Opinionated Logical, Unfeeling

I don't particularly like this card while it has some good interpretations I always feel arrogance in this card. You know; the know it all type of individuals that you would rather not have anything to do with because they are so off-putting.

The Knight of swords generally depicts young people, generaly young men in their 20's and 30's.Where as the pages are teenagers of either gender. The Knight of Swords shows us the process of young people learning their roles in the world, such as their careers. Notice the symbolism of the card though.The card implies speed of thought and actions, it also governs the thought process, how one communicates to others and possible conflicts or clashes of mind sets. 

The horse in this card looks nervous under the control of the knight. Is the young man being reckless or is he confident in his actions? A strong wind is blowing in his direction as he rushed headlong into it. He is either brave, foolish or a little from collum A and a little from collum B. Notice his visor is up giving him a clearer panoramic view of what is before him.  He is wearing a full suit of armour giving him a level of protection in battle. He also has a firm grip on the reigns which tells us he is fully in control of the situation that he finds himself in. His cape represents secrecy and invisibility. The red plume on his helmet represents a quick intellect and a passionate temperament, this can also imply hot headedness. He is only wearing one glove which is on his left hand. We know that this is the passive hand and feminine energy. The glove represents concealment of power or a gentle power like soft control. His right hand is ungloved therefore nothing is hidden. He holds a sword raised ready to engage in battle, which shows us male energy which is a direct, penetrating and a forceful power. The right hand can also be seen as the future and the right hand as the past. The knight is also facing the west or left hand side, these are important points in interpretation of the tarot cards. 

A transformation is taking place as we watch in awe. This could well be a younger generation of world leaders stepping forward to take control. They may well be reckless and brutal and not as refined as their older counterparts. They do things their way; hot headedness and out to prove themselves with power and might. The spurs worn by the knight tells me not to take the issue lightly because this is about control and in some cases hard control.

Think a changing of the guard as the older leaders start to step down and hand a certain amount of power over to the younger leaders. I feel the older leaders are well aware that the younger leaders are not made from the same stuff as the older ones. But there is a hardness in these reckless young leaders.

Serious mistakes are bound to happen under their watch but these are not squeamish individuals, far from it. Skilled in double speak they use all the right buzz words however their actions are callous.

Reforms are being made that are not being done in  a positive way. Europe is heading into chaos as we watch. The reaction from the Eu leaders seems inappropriate and indifferent. We are now witnessing the beginnings of new restrictions of different sorts being implemented. What I do feel is these new leaders will be protected from the harsh realities that ordinary people will be exposed to.

Young people will start to have a reality check with this and will start to take to the streets in protest. Sadly things may not go in their favour, violent demonstrations never bring good results. A more skillful approach with a cool and calm intelect is needed rather than rash and headstrong reactions.

Smart people will not engage in protests, yet they may watch how it all plays out and will think more outside the box on a better resolution. Shops may well start to board up their windows in areas where there is poverty, war and violence. Shop keepers have had enough of people taking their actions out on them and their property. They are sick of being convenient targets for abuse by the masses. 

All of this has been brought about by violent individuals that have an agenda to destroy society. These individuals are not on the side of anyone, they are anarchists for the sake of it. That is all they are interested in and the ringleaders are owned, bought and paid for by enemies of peaceful people that just want to live a normal life. This is big money involved in a dark agenda one which has played out for centuries.

We are now seeing the cracks widening at a faster rate than we can deal with globally especially in the US, Britain, Europe, South America and the Asian pacific. African nations especially are now becoming tension points,  famine will raise its head again in Africa in a few regions which could also include where Wagner Group are contracted. Who is checking on Wagner Group? Warlords know that they can do anything they want at the expense of ordinary people. Expect more humanitarian work to be a challenge as the aid is unable to get through to where it is needed to assist the people. The International Red Cross may not be able to cope without military protection. Law and order are the main themes that will take us through to the end of the year at least. 

Animal justice becomes a major topic with ordinary people as people sre struggling to afford food and medical treatment for their fur babies. Medical treatment may be out of the reach of ordinary people, however do look into charities that are able to assist in your town or city. There are many around that are given donations to assist those in need. There are also places that work with complimentary medicine as well as conventional veterinary medicine. So do your research and you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Children seem to be struggling with stress in October, so please be vigilant with their needs and wellbeing. We are talking abuse, targeted bullying and violence. Children need to feel safe where ever they are and have the right to go to and from school without being subjected to violence and bullying. If you are in a position to take your children to and from school then do so. Children also need to be more aware of danger and have a safety plan in place. This may include talking to the school principle or a teacher, if they are afraid to walk home alone. No child should be made to feel afraid to walk home. Perhaps arranging for a nominated person to pick them up from the front office if they feel unsafe to leave the school grounds. 

Child safety comes first, a safety plan is a must do and it must be fully effective and taken very seriously by adults and the Education department. The other thing is traffic safety and children. Children must be repeatedly tested on road safety as part of their general awareness in a public place. This is the duty of parents to train their children with a common sense approach to road safety as well as stranger danger and situation awareness. Learn how not to make yourself a target for harm. This also applies to weekends  and traveling on public transport in which acts of violence are more frequent these days. You may wish to forbid your children going to certain places and point out the dangers of travelling at certain times of day and night. Risk management and risk awareness is needed to keep children and young people safe from harm. 

Thank you for reading my Tarot card of the month and stay safe. Warm and fuzzy hugs everyone


Psychic predictions for 2024 will  be posted at the end of October, One for the entire world and a seperate one for Australia.  

Sign of the times ⬇️


Trudeau is one of these arrogant young leaders, yet he doesn’t have the decency to act like a man and resign for his arrogance and insensitivity in this matter. To buck pass to the speaker tells us all we need to know about him. Never trust a leader that throws others under the bus it is cowardly and callous. 


Famine in Africa 


Animal abuse in China by the authorities 


24 September, 2023

Tonight’s laughs


Alex turns the big 6 0

 I officially turned 60 today what a hoot. Lol, it’s more like the big 6 oh or D’oh! I am now one of the Golden Girls.🤣🤣🤣 I am somewhere between Rose and the granny, Estelle Getty’s character in the Golden Girls on the Richter scale. I had a great day today but I take the age thing as no biggie. It’s just a number to tick off on our to do list as we stumble through life after all. So on with a new chapter of life, with  plenty of spark in me to keep everyone amused for another couple of decades easily. 

I don’t celebrate my birthday in the normal manner I prefer to celebrate nature and the spring season, and I feel lucky to be born in September to enjoy the seasonal change. What is one day compared to a season to celebrate after all? The flowers are beautiful and the birds are singing and there are fresh green leaves on the trees as they awaken from their hibernation. A fresh new world awaits us as every season and invigorates the soul. ❤️

My simple philosophy is just live and enjoy the splendour of nature in its glory, by getting outdoors and breathing in the air. Grounding yourself by standing or sitting in the garden with your bare feet on the ground and feel the earth energy coming up through you. This is what I did first thing this morning and the weather has been perfect. Thank you nature for making this day special. 

I am wondering what lies in store for the next ten years and praying that the years will be kind. After all the truly hard yards have been done. I will do my best to make life as peaceful as possible as I evolve into a wiser person growing older gracefully. Ok, well maybe not that gracefully 🤣🤣 because that just wouldn’t be me. I am more of a politically incorrect individual but with a good heart and a wicked sense of humour. So I think that I am more likely to lean towards being like the granny on the Golden Girls. So let’s see what happens eh? 

22 September, 2023

I am just a spiritual switchboard plug

 I have been in this line of work for almost 20 years and at times it is sad and heartbreaking, other times it is funny, joyful and amazing. But one thing that I always remember is that I am just like one of the little plugs in the old Sylvester switchboards. I am connected to the spirit world and the physical world, just one of many little plugs that connect into the universe’s main switchboard. It doesn’t matter who I am or what I am but my function is helping people connect to that universal switchboard. Showing people that they are connected to the entire universe. 

I have actually used these Sylvester switchboards, one of which was made in 1927. In the early 1980’s they were still in use. 

Expert reveals shocking number of 'psychopaths' hiding in plain sight in Australian workplaces


Some don’t have enough psych to be a path 🤣 I would call some individuals overt/covert narcissists. I worked in a government office many years ago and it had quite a few toxic people in one particular area of the office. Some of those people I would have classified as sociopaths or narcissists. They literally destroyed the office culture and ensured that only certain people were promoted. Eventually they moved on and the office changed with new staff replacing the ones that had left. But it is down to the manager to be aware of what is happening and head it off before the irreparable damage is done. Word does get out on the grapevine and the office has a bad reputation very quickly. 

21 September, 2023

Springtime is reinvigorating for me

 I don’t know about other people but I find springtime so reinvigorating. I enjoy the flowers in my garden blooming and especially when I have scattered seeds from the previous season. Sometimes I forget what seeds I planted or rather scattered. At the end of the flowering season I gather the seeds in marked envelopes and store them, but sometimes I scatter a few at the same time. If it’s poppies, blue cornflowers and nemesia then it’s a long wait. But the delight when they bloom makes up for the long wait. It’s terrific and invigorating for me, the soft colours mixed with bulbs and long strappy leaves of agapanthus. 

Before the heat of summer hits, it’s nice to enjoy the spring flowers in delicate textures and the sweet fragrance wafting through the air. I always dream of having a secret garden where only I can go and enjoy the flowers, however reality dictates otherwise. It is an ongoing process to achieve a particular look that for a very brief period looks like a botanical fairy tale. Still it is mine to enjoy and appreciate an art form of my own personal signature that means something special to me, but it has a spiritual purpose too. Because humans are both part of nature and creators both in the physical world and in the spiritual or non physical world of imagination and creation. What we think, we create. As above and so is below, literally. 

The Australian summer can be incredibly hot and that means using a lot of water, so to create a garden with colour and texture one has to think carefully about what to grow and save water as much as possible. Then backfilling and creating an effect to give the illusion of depth, like a meadow or a country garden in suburbia is what I am trying to perfect. Older Australian gardens are usually a generous size unlike modern gardens, older gardens are great for creating a country garden or even room gardens. Mine is an old 70’s size garden that had gone through many transformations, from a basic backyard when we moved in to several styles of a cottage or country garden. Allowing for children to grow up and play in, thankfully they were pretty good and didn’t trample anything. Years later I am still trying to create a garden that all that I have to do is turn on the hose and that’s it, I am close to achieving that goal. 

But nature it doesn’t work like that in reality, weeds turn up and spoil the fun. Sticky weed in particular in the past few years has been rampant in Canberra. I had never seen it in Australia until then. It was something that I remember from childhood in Scotland, when we used to stick it on our friends for fun. But over the past five years or so I have seen it growing in my backyard in winter and spring. I haven’t been able to eradicate this nuisance in my garden. That on top of ever present dandelions grrr! Right in amongst my flowers  and after three years with rain the dandelions have good roots. It kind of spoils the fantasy of a botanical fairy tale. But it doesn’t dampen my spirit of imagination, to enjoy the simple pleasures of the garden in springtime. 

This month the weather has been reasonably warm to enhance the flowers of the season and I will have an abundance of bluebells this year to add to memories. I often think of the bluebell woods in my hometown in Scotland except the ones that I grow are Spanish bluebells. Scottish bluebells are a different species and I can’t get them in Australia but that doesn’t matter it’s the beauty of nature and how I can create a gentle serene atmosphere. Soft nodding flowers in various colours and rich foliage are the look combined with fragrance that can live on in memory as a delight for years to come. A thick carpet of scented violets spreading through my garden every year adds to the creation. The sweet fragrance on a warm day is heavenly and gentle. Enjoy your springtime everyone savour the moment and beauty of the season.

Warm and fuzzy hugs 🤗 


16 September, 2023

NEXUS MAGAZINE: Exploring the Great Pyramid’s underground water tunnels


I have heard about these tunnels a while ago, but I haven’t read in depth articles about them. Interesting reading if you are curious about ancient Egypt. I have been aware of the Atlantean involvement in ancient Egypt and their advanced technology and knowledge. So this doesn’t surprise me. We know much more about ancient Egypt now than we did 20 years ago and have new technologies to assist us in archaeology. 

I wonder if they use drones with good lighting attached, to fly into areas where it may be risky for humans to go. A small drone could provide some clarity and video footage of what is in the area being searched. 

15 September, 2023

Strange lights spotted in Morocco earthquake videos may be a phenomenon reported for centuries, scientists say


I didn’t know about this phenomenon, obviously it can’t be detected in daylight, so it makes sense that it is only visible at night. It’s a rather spooky phenomenon but how long does this effect last for before the quake happens? That would be useful information. 

14 September, 2023

The sweet sounds of springtime

 A warm spell today as we approach springtime and the air is filled with joyful bird’s singing. The sky is bright blue and the feel of the warm sunshine is caressing all and sundry. It is afternoons like this that makes me feel blissful in the simplicity of gentle nature. Life’s worries seem so far away in a moment of  happiness just listening to the joyful songs of birds and the warm sunshine. Remembering innocence of childhood playing in the great outdoors in endless imagination. 

I so appreciate these simple moments that money just can’t buy. The happiness and love that I feel with simple pleasure of hearing a delightful little bird singing its heart out. I love every moment when I am in my garden. Everything stands still in an everlasting moment of joy and happiness. The flowers buzzing with bees and the sweet smells of spring in the air. This is the moment that I never want to end, but sadly I must move on and return to the present moment of responsibility and head indoors to face my chores. 

The sun begins its journey into dusk, the air is still; yet sweet. A gentle breeze stirs and the afternoon takes a graceful bow. I now long for the morning to begin again; in hopes of capturing that beautiful moment again. Life without the gentle touch of a sun kissed spring is a life not lived, well for me anyway.

Macquarie Bank to begin phasing out cash and cheques


If the lines go down then you are unable to pay for anything. This is not a good look and there will be problems for many people. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #2 September 2023


11 September, 2023

Remembering and honouring those that lost their lives in 9/11


Remembering and honouring the people who lost their lives on this day 22 years ago and honouring the families who lost their loved ones including those that came to the rescue including the rescue animals and later lost their lives. The memories live on in our hearts, you are not forgotten. 

Honouring Roselle the guide dog that helped save many lives. 🦮👨‍🦯


08 September, 2023

07 September, 2023

Stephanie Aston: Woman dies aged 33 after doctors dismissed her horror EDS symptoms and accused her of faking it


This poor young woman suffering like this and dismissed by yet another arrogant doctor. How disrespectful and disempowering to be treated like this. I hope that some good can come out of this situation and protect others in similar circumstances. The heartache that this woman and her family have had to endure is unacceptable and something needs to be done to hold the medical system accountable. 



Noses run in my family 🤣🤣🤣 But hey may be we are a bunch of throwbacks 🤣🤣🤣

06 September, 2023

Here we go again, call the ambulance

 You know how I always say that I never get a break and I live in permanent fight or flight mode and hyper vigilant. Well the culmination of the past two weeks happened today, my husband is ill again and finally he collapsed and had a fit. No memory of what happened. I had to ring for an ambulance, and hubby is now in hospital. Thank you very much universe!! There ain’t nothing like being repeatedly kicked in the guts when you’re down. 

I am stressed to hell right now, but here is the kicker, I knew it was coming because I saw it in the cards. My husband doesn’t believe in what I do and dismisses any warning. His parents and his paternal grandfather have been around in spirit for a week now. Talk about the grim reaper. Not that they can do anything about this. I don’t have a support network to help out either. It’s just get on with it and that is exactly what I will do, just get on with it. Life has made me strong but the misery never stops. So I just keep going because there is no alternative but to go on. I will not be defeated not now not ever! 

Thankfully the Ambulance crew were fast at arriving and got right to the job like the true professionals they are. I am grateful for their patience and support, it Is just another day at the office to them in their job, but to ordinary people they are superheroes. I cannot thank them enough for their service.

UPDATE: 15 September, My husband came home from hospital after having multiple tests and being on a drip. He has recovered reasonably well. There are ongoing health issues so we will keep an eye on these things as best we can. 

05 September, 2023

The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil


This is liquid gold, pumpkin seed oil is a multi purpose oil for skin care, general health and hair growth especially if you’re going bald. It supposedly will have your hair growing back in 6 months. Various websites are discussing the benefits of this oil. Scroll down from the first article and you’ll see more information on its benefits including assistance in mental health care. 

In recent years we have seen the benefits of jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil and now pumpkin seed oil. They all have their benefits depending on what you want them for or even making a combination of oils as a face and skin care routine. You could add these oils into your moisturiser such as QV cream, Cetaphil or whatever you use. You can also add essential oils for added protection such as frankincense, jasmine, bergamot, lavender and clary sage among others. 


This is a list of essential oils that benefit your skin. I have a great stash of oils and use them in Cetaphil with jojoba, avocado and a couple of other oils. So if you’re interested you can make your own skincare products by adding some essential oils and cold pressed oils into your moisturiser and enjoy the benefits of glowing skin. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 1 September 2023


It helps to have a strong sense of self when you leave this earth at your appointed time. Trust nothing out there in astral, just like walking into the wrong part of town. Fear will hold you back so remember we have all done this millions of times before. There is no pain involved in leaving your body, everything slows down to almost a trance like state and suddenly you feel a pull and you are free of the physical body. If you have any pain in your body prior to death then you will notice that you are no longer in pain. 

I have had many experiences in mediumship where the person informs me on what it feels like. For some people yes it is true that they can find it difficult to leave the body, but most of the time it is quite quick and easy, like breathing in and out. I can tell you the experience I had a few years ago, when I was taken out of my body to help heal my aunt in Canada. She was very badly injured in a car accident and I was lying in bed just trying to sleep, and my hip was hurting from an old injury. Suddenly my breathing started to slow down and I felt a tingling warm sensation letting me know that spirit was present. I then heard a male voice telling me that “they need to take me out of my body”, and I objected. Next thing I come back into my body and I can feel the pain in my hip again. I had no memory of what happened but in the morning I got an email from my uncle in Canada telling me my aunt was in hospital with multiple fractures from a car accident. This is on my blog by the way; in detail. This also shows the disregard for humans when we are supposed to have a non interference law, not to interfere with incarnated beings. Now being a spiritual healer, I was used as an astral medic to help heal my aunt on an etheric level. 

But getting back to this Wes Penre Q and A, it helps to be stubborn when it is your time to leave, and insist on leaving promptly, let nothing prevent your decision. Nothing can stop you if you are intent on leaving, so hold that firm intention come what may. Ask yourself; what do you have to lose. You have your whole life to get into the right mindset to be firm in your beliefs and intentions. Most importantly do not communicate with anyone or anything once you are on the other side of life. Because you will be distracted and your guard is down and that is a big mistake. 

I am a very strong and stubborn person, so when I set my mind on something woe betide anyone that interferes. There is no way that I will let anything stop me exiting. You must develop a strong sense of self and self awareness. You must be firm in your beliefs and stand in your spiritual power. If you are fearful then you will fail. So practice being assertive and empowered, you don’t need permission from anyone or anything other worldly, because these beings are not what they want you to believe. You are powerful within yourself don’t forget that! You are what you believe you are, and that is what makes the difference. 

I also don’t trust anything outside this universe, remember there are factions that engage in warfare, including spiritual warfare and we are naive collateral. We should not take sides because we truly don’t know who is really benevolent outside of this universe. You can shield yourself simply by thinking that you are invisible, it’s all thought reactive out there. Set your intentions and expectations to go where you want to go, don’t let other thoughts distract you. You can even create a secret place for yourself to go and heal yourself, not to mention recalling your past lives and experiences. Use the time to learn about yourself, the new reality and the  rules of the multiverse etc. There is no such thing as linear time either so even there we may have to either remember or relearn how to go about things in the new reality. 

I do not for one minute trust any of the characters that Wes mentions, I feel they are only self serving even the Orions, put it this way we have been around for countless lifetimes and no one has ever shown any interest in putting an end to all the suffering. You should be asking why this is especially when we know the non interference rules are broken constantly by the overlords. So why should humans put up with this? Why should we accept the bogus claims that the Orions care about us? They have as much blame as the controlling overlords. To think otherwise is naive in the extreme given the fact that we have been doing this for millions of years. Humanity is gullible and never learns from its mistakes and failures. 

Have a look at this link about Blood Demons below, that I shared in March. Now think about how etheric archons are attached to us when we incarnate and even when we die they can still be attached to us in the spirit world according to Wes and other researchers. 


Genetic blood condition haemochromatosis continues to be under-diagnosed, say advocates


It’s also known as the Celtic disease, and it is not rare. I was tested for this before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Luckily for me my haemochromatosis came back negative. It depends on how well informed your doctor is. But it is definitely not a rare condition otherwise it wouldn’t be called the Celtic disease. 

02 September, 2023

Robotic dog-mounted rifles are now a thing thanks to US Army


I wonder how these react to postmen 🤣 

Thanks Blogger....NOT!!

Seems Blogger are screwing around again slowing down the traffic to blogs. My stats are all over the place the past few weeks. Going from a trickle of hits up to 500 plus over a week which was astounding, then dropped down to 200 plus and then down to 170 per day for the past two days but when the time difference kicked in yesterday evening my stats went down significantly to 71 and today only 7. Bear in mind the stats are not accurate because certain countries stats are not counted. Go figure!   This looks like reward and punishment of a dictatorship. Oh wait it is!

I have edited my blog umpteen times to improve my viewer prospects and watched the stats jump dramatically then  nose dive again. Two things are obvious, algorythims checking for words that are on the naughty list, especially because of what has happened globally over the past three years and the other freedom of speech issues. Scary times peeps, I need to go hug my teddy 😢

30 August, 2023

Eczema, Asthma, Food Allergy and Hay Fever: Common Origin Discovered Behind Major Childhood Allergies


Most illnesses start in the intestines and that was something that was known by academics thousands of years ago. They just didn’t have the technology to prove it, only by observation. Fermented foods were used to repair the health of the gut. It is similar today except we can do proper scientific analysis and alter the diet to address the deficit. 

This is why when using antibiotics one takes probiotics for three months to restore the gut bacteria for optimal health care. Not being a doctor I don’t know what age treatment should commence for babies. Though I do feel both paediatric and natural therapists care combined may be helpful. Also when to start babies on solid food may make a difference too. When I was a baby, babies were on solid foods at three months old, but when my babies were born the rule was 6 months old. That may work on some babies but not all babies. I had to start my babies on solid food by 4 months old or there about because they were clearly not getting enough nutrients. My doctor advised me to mix a malt type product into the milk formula to help them but it only worked for so long and then I had to introduce baby food. That was a laugh and a half, the first mouthful and baby is like, what am I supposed to do with this mush. 

Modern society uses a lot of processed foods and they may not be good for infants and children and they may cause allergies and intestinal issues. Since the 1980’ there has been a significant increase in childhood allergies and asthma. You really notice this when your children are starting preschool and kindergarten. I was stunned when my oldest was starting kindergarten when I saw how many children had health problems. I was not around children up until that point because I didn’t know anyone with children. So it was a big surprise. My oldest child was an asthmatic and then developed other autoimmune health problems. 

Chiron in the 12th House of Astrology: Healing Your Subconscious


I came across this amazing website by googling Chiron in the 12th House, because I have Chiron in my 12th house. I found this a very interesting article and sure enough I am a natural born spiritual healer as is my father. And as you can see from my blog posts I am an empath. I do set strong boundaries nowadays but in the past I have been taken advantage of way too many times. These days I’m am not prepared to tolerate this behaviour and will set the boundaries pretty high. 

It is foolish to have weak or non existent boundaries because you set yourself up for suffering and loss of what you hold dear and of value. That is a big neon sign for predators to come along and take advantage of you and possibly your family too if you are weak. The predator mindset people don’t care about you and your family, they are just out to consume and control whatever they choose. 

As for the spiritual wound, I don’t believe in god, due to research over many years, I only believe in pure spiritual energy and a primary source way beyond the human concept of spiritual consciousness and our tiny part in the infinite multiverse. Astrology is only limited to this earth and not the multiverse so it is restrictive, but still a very interesting subject. 

Ok, here I have to call out the concept of being accountable for things. We are literally preprogrammed before we incarnate and we all carry the so called ancestral health and negative effects of the soul group because this in needed to keep humans in the debt cycle to keep us reincarnating. I have already commented on reincarnation is not in humanity benefit and is a manipulative unhelpful tool which is purposely used for spiritual enslavement of traumatised souls and spirits. I recommend that people do some reading on the topic and not just from the Wes Penre Papers, there are multiple articles and sources that state this. 

Caution and healthy skepticism is good because it can help you sift through fake spirituality and bullshit. I’m speaking from experience here over many years. It is foolish to go with blind faith and accept of anything and especially anything of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. There are many blind alleys and wrong turns in the quest of truth and spirituality which often lead people to turn their backs and spirituality. Astrology is a tool to facilitate our way through life it doesn’t have all the answers. Only you have the answers for you at different points in your life. Our opinions and beliefs will always change so being flexible is important no matter what happens in your life. Play with the hand you are dealt and use it to your best advantage, especially spiritually. Keeping it honest and simple, you can’t go wrong in your quest for a better life and an understanding of what your life means. 

29 August, 2023

A rare super blue moon is coming – here's where you can see it


A little informative information about the Super blue moon coming up on 30th August. I love the moon 🌙 it makes a beautiful picture in the night sky with a shimmering cast of stars, especially in winter time or late spring. I particularly love when the moon is big and yellow as it has a romantic atmosphere that makes me feel alive and joyful, reminiscent of how children’s nursery rhyme books had the moon illustrated in the old days. 

I hope we get a clear sky on the night to catch a glimpse of the big shining pearl in the sky. Intuition is heightened by the full moon, but so are the not so good side effects from lunar influence. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 August 2023


There are a couple of good questions here. I hope that you enjoy the Q and A sessions, and get a lot out of them. If you have not already read the Wes Penre Papers then this stuff will not make sense and perhaps over your head. It is worth reading the WPP from the beginning right through to level 5. 

On my blog yow will occasionally see my comments if I feel that I have something to say. 

27 August, 2023

15 Scents That Rats Hate (And How To Use Them)


I came across this and thought it might be useful for someone, so feel free to share. I had no idea that white vinegar was a deterrent. I have three big containers of the vinegar left over from when I had my four cats to use in breaking down the ammonia in cat wee. I do intend to have more cats one day so it will be used anyway. But to keep mice and rats at bay I can use the vinegar should they think of visiting, but having a Jack Russell in the house it would be a very silly rodent to visit our house. 

If you have neighbours who have chickens, rodents are always around and the rodents don’t mind visiting the neighbours. So it’s always good to know how to deter them in a non toxic way. 

Tarot card of the month: September 2023, The Devil


Key words: Ego, Addictions of all sorts, Lust, Materialism, Hopelessness, Ignorance, Bondage, Restriction, Temptation

I think we have already had this card pop up in 2023 and it is still very relevant to humanity due to the fact that we are all creatures of habit and we do not collectively seem to be capable of learning lessons especially on a spiritual level. The hermanubis (humanoid looking beings) chained to their lot in life, the black stone relating to Saturn. The hermanubis represents human instincts and mindsets struggling to rise above the lowly conditions and restrictions to become more spiritually attuned. 

Inverted energy, which is destructive energy that restricts thinking and instead responds only to base instincts perpetuating a never ending cycle of suffering. The energy of this card is Saturn based, Saturn being the ruler of the Sign Capricorn and the 10th House of the zodiac. Which covers reputation, profession, authorities, a parent, status and the ego. Saturn gives us the urge for safety and security. Saturn is also "The Teacher" which goes in cycles of 28 to 30 years so it is a generational cycle.

To me this card informs me of human nature, the human ego and lessons to be learned.  Sadly humanity seems incapable of learning lessons as history clearly demonstrates. Restrictive thinking or living in ignorance if you like. And when you look at a cycle this long you can see that this is a major chunk of a persons life with restrictive thinking. 

What I feel in this card is emotional energy, right v's wrong, left v's right and unbalanced energy. Temptation to do things that may not be the right thing to do, tempered with logic. People as well as leaders seem to be at loggerheads globally. International politics are highlighted and highly charged emotionally, moving things up a notch. This is carefully done though, carefully thought out by western leaders. I feel they need more time to build up their war machine. But there is carelessness and lack of foresight because someone is not on the ball in the west.

So missed opportunities to put protective measures in place are apparent. But!! is this really carelessness or planned? Goading the opposition to act. Not that either side are at all innocent, none of these leaders are good guys, and this is the duality of this world playing out. Someone is upping the ante and there is no doubt about that. China is not happy and neither are Russia and Iran. But things must simmer down otherwise we will have a crisis on our hands. Which will continue to see-saw up to 2025.
That year is the point of no return globally!

Shipping, as expected will be extremely difficult and problematic and will become much worse by 2025. Certain commercial trading routes as expected will be barred or blocked and embargo’s increasing. Safety issues obviously are part of this due to Russia, China and Iran and their buddies playing dangerous games. Play  dangerous games then expect to win dangerous prises. This is the human ego expressing itself with temptation, restrictions and goading. 

Care is needed when handling the BRICS issue, I feel this will be an obvious stumbling block, we must keep an eye on India here because they are not alway playing by the rules and do things to suit them only. This may result in India having problems in global business if they act unethically. 

September will be a memorable month for some people. New things of interest and alternative entertainment is the feeling that I get. But there is something historical happening too, this feels like in the UK and perhaps in Scotland itself. This is commemorating something and I see a castle involved.  Memories are held dear.

Nationalism is a thing in September too, observed around the world, as people feel protective of their homelands.  Don't take this to the extreme please because it could have unintended effects or consequences. Keep it happy, joyful and light. Nationalism can be as simple as celebrating food from your homeland and sharing it with others in a feeling of love and friendship. That is nice, we don't need or want fanatacism because that is destructive energy.

Everyone on earth has the right to their culture and celebrate it lovingly, then no one is offended. Respect  is the key here, so respect the country and the culture that you are living in. Simple and peaceful gratutude and leave it at that with love in your heart. 

Beach activity in September might be a bit of a fizzer in the northern hemispheire with wind and rain, so it may not be much fun then. You might as well have fish and chips and a stroll around the beach forshore. Just enjoy being outdoors as best you can before Jack Frost returns. 

I must point out avoid any violence in public places because it will not end well, it will not be tolerated.
This is due to new laws that have been introduced. People are on edge already due to world afairs, so please be careful and remember what is done cannot be undone. Stay cool and don't engage in any anti social behaviour.

Keep your eyes on the news in September because there are major changes coming. Read between the lines in some news articles. As all is deffinately not as it seems, be prepared for some shocks in the news. This again is global, stay calm and stay focussed, be careful of how you react to some of the news. There are some shocks that many people will not like, get used to it, as I said in my 2023 predictions this is a new era globally and you will not like what is coming. Stay clam and logical, this is imperative, logic before reacting. 
Someone in a very powerful position is deliberatley stoking the fire flames at a very high global level. He is an old western man with grey hair that I mentioned last month, this man is nasty!   

Warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone around the world and warm and fuzzy hugs to all fur babies 💓

Ps this was done yesterday afternoon but just posted today at 11.56am

Note: 11/9/23, I just looked up the last time the devil card came up, it was October last year, lol time does fly. It seemed like only 3 or 4 months ago. 

UPDATE: Nationalism, India

Tears shed, such a horrible tragedy 

More tears, Libya 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

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