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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Conspiracy theories that are absolutely bonkers  Don’t laugh, some people actually believe this and there is an other one about thermometers that scan your temperature damage the pineal gland.  Personally I prefer proper scientific research to new age and whacky out there bullshit. 

Never take what you read on Facebook as reputable information, use your brain and look things up on line rather than look stupid. 
As a clairvoyant I depend on my pineal gland to work, do you think that I am worried about getting my temperature taken? Nah, I can always get the vet to do it though 😂😂😂🐈 I just have to grab my ankles first and hope the thermometer is warm 😂😂😂

Neil Oliver on Trigger Nometry

My sentiments exactly Neil. Notice at 23.11,  he said what I was waiting to hear someone say. The bloody Normans! That right there; is part ...